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Ugly Meatball Spaghetti

This recipe is pretty similar to the hamburger one, except that I changed the olive oil to sesame oil and I didn’t add in any onions. You can choose either recipe to follow for the meatballs. What I like about both the meatball and beef patty recipes, is that you can prep these in advance...


Spaghetti with Homemade Pesto

Went basil picking with my aunt last Saturday and the weather was so good that I managed to get a tan while picking! Haha. I really enjoy picking herbs and fruit. There’s something quite peaceful, calming and satisfying about picking your own food. The smell from the picked basil was amazing! It permeated the whole...


Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Beef Tenderloin

I’ve cooked beef several times.  Same with spaghetti so I don’t think I need to repeat the method.  Simply said, beef was cooked the Heston Blumenthal manner where I used a searing hot pan and flipped the steak every 15 seconds till it became medium rare. As for the spag, aglio olio means lots of...


Moonlight Spaghetti

I had forgotten that my mum had asked me to get my own dinner today so when I came home, there wasn’t any food waiting for me 🙁 Fastest thing to whip up then was…spaghetti!  I thought of this healthy alternative to a carbonara as I wanted that creaminess but minus the cholesterol.  So…ingredients (serves...


Pan Seared Tuna with Spaghetti

Yet another day in chef mode!  This time round, it’s pan-seared tuna with spaghetti done primavera style.  If you notice, I pan-seared the tuna such that it’s still pink in the middle.  That’s how I like my tuna…and not the crap that comes in cans. While I was chopping up my garlic, bacon and french...