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Value For Money Donburi by Sushiro

My dad has been wanting to try the donburi (rice bowls) from Sushiro ever since he read the review in the Straits Times. Hence, we were all made to wake up early (by my standards at least) so that we could reach there around noon and avoid the crowd. Which I was surprised to see...


Indian Coconut Butter Chicken with Savoy Coconut Rice

Was treated to this dish during Vita Coco’s Singapore launch of their coconut oil. This is the Coconut Butter Chicken with Savoy Coconut Rice and it uses both coconut oil and coconut water in the recipe! We had a short cooking demonstration by the chef at The Legends, Hotel Fort Canning, on how this dish...


Fusion meal – Prawn Risotto with Japanese rice

I didn’t want to open up my new bag of risotto rice so I went with a short grain rice to cook this dish although I reckon you could do this with Thai rice as well.  This dish is gluten free and low in fat – perfect for us single ladies.  The cooking time is...


Brown Rice Salad

Had a picnic on Sunday so I prepared some simple food that could be packed into lunchboxes and carried to the beach!  First up is my brown rice salad. You’ll need: 1/2 cup brown rice half a tomato, diced 1 cup shredded roast chicken 2-3 tablespoon pesto sauce 1 roasted red pepper, diced salt &...


Poached Salmon with Rice

I cooked dinner – poached Salmon with carrots and shitake mushrooms.  First off, yes I did bother to plate it nicely just because I was in the mood to do so.  I felt that the salmon came out very well although my parents were so blase. Dad: Should have potatoes.Mum: What did you put inside?...