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Korean Style Pork

I don’t dare to call this Pork Bulgogi because I’m not Korean and this recipe is really not the traditional spicy bulgogi recipe…but the taste is awfully close to it. I learnt this from a friend’s domestic helper who used to work for a Korean family but I made my own tweaks. I like to...


Korean Style Spicy Grilled Pork

Pardon the ugly photo. I took this photo only after my mum ate it and I had no chance to plate it properly. Anyway, this recipe is super simple and you can use it on chicken or beef as well. In this case, I used leftover pork collar shabu shabu slices but it’s traditionally made...


Underwhelming Pork At Butahage

The medium sized grilled pork rice bowl with added egg   So my friend and I were in the Clarke Quay area and when it came to dinner, we decided to pop over to Liang Court instead. As I’ve never tried Butahage, we decided to try out their Grilled Pork Rice Bowl since they’re supposed...


Pork Chops With Caramelised Onions and Fig

This is my second attempt at a pork chop. I seldom eat or cook pork chop because it’s really difficult to cook it such that it’s pink in the middle but yet cooked. I find it much easier to stew or cook sliced pork because when pork is cooked, there’s a high chance of it...


Slow Roasted Pork Belly

I was really inspired by this video of Gordon Ramsay’s Slow Roasted Pork Belly that I even asked my mum to buy pork belly when she went to the market last weekend. A few differences from what I cooked and what Ramsay’s recipe required:– instead of fennel, I used pearl onion and ginger– instead of...


Pork Chop With Spinach And Mozzarella

Inspired by the delicious pork chops that I ate at my aunt’s place, I decided to buy pork chops when I came back to Singapore. So here’s the first ‘chop’ that I cooked! It’s pan fried/grilled and the marinate that I used is very simple: salt, pepper, paprika powder and five spice. Once that’s cooked...