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Earth Month Promos on Deliveroo

Amidst the madness and uncertainty of a global pandemic, many Singaporeans have taken the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors, appreciate the stillness of nature and even cultivate their green thumb with some indoor gardening. In celebration of Earth Month, Deliveroo has teamed up with your favourite restaurants across the island to help bring the...


Massive Slices and Interesting Flavoured Pizza at Polito’s

After the cheese factory, my cousin decided to bring me to Polito’s as it’s another famous food joint in Stevens Point. The decor of the place is quite old school and reminds me of a mix between a diner and a sports bar. There are several photos lining the wall and goodness knows what you’ve...


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

When you’re in Chicago, it is a MUST to try their Deep Dish Pizza. Yes, it’s an excuse to eat loads of cheese and it’s more of a pie than a pizza. But look at that… Massive pizza slices Instead of going to the restaurant, we decided to stay in our awesome Airbnb apartment (it...


Seafood Spinach Wholemeal Pizza

This picture may not look much because the lighting couldn’t really capture the pizza in its glory but it’s a really yummy homemade pizza with salmon, mussels, spinach and an egg in the middle. I even drizzled some truffle oil on top for an extra oomph. Yup, I made everything from scratch simply because I...