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Taking up the 828 Lalala Mukbang Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen,  Yours truly has taken up WEBUY‘s 828 Lalala Mukbang Challenge! What is it about? Well, it’s all about being the fastest eater of the latest trending Sour and Spicy Noodles (酸辣粉) to win the grand prize of S$828! If you’re able to finish the whole bowl within a minute, you will get...


2 Ways to do Noodles

Quite a lot of people probably have instant noodles in their kitchens now…stocking up perhaps due to the #StayHome policy of most governments. I only have the noodles without the seasoning, because too much MSG is bad for you. So while there are a few blogs out there that show you how to ‘upgrade’ your...


Lazy Cooking: One-Pot Miso Soup Ramen Noodles

Ingredients: 1 serving of soba (oops…called it ramen in the video) 1 cup frozen spinach 100g of frozen shabu shabu beef (approx 4-5 slices) 1 tbsp miso (doesn’t matter if it’s red or white miso but get the one that has dashi inside) Method:  Boil some water and add the noodles to cook. The water...


Gu Thai Thai Noodles

What do you eat after a yoga session that ends at 9.30pm? Why…you go for a late dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant that opens till late! Welcome to my introduction to Thai Boat Noodles as served by Gu Thai Noodles in POMO. Why is it called Boat Noodles and do the noodles come in...


Ramen Festival At Ramen Matsuri

At the suggestion of my brother, the parents and I went to Ramen Matsuri for dinner for what my bro feels is “better ramen” than the ones at any typical ramen joint in Singapore. Ramen Matsuri literally means “ramen festival” and this little restaurant along North Canal Road specialises in ‘maze-soba’ which is dry ramen...


Mixed Feelings About Wrap & Roll Vietnamese

That, my friends, is my Stir Fried Chicken Pho (S$12.50++) at Wrap & Roll, a Vietnamese restaurant located at Ion Orchard. The above photo was taken by my friend and that’s his Stir Fried Seafood Pho (S$12.50++). I guess…I should keep to being the one taking the photos! LOL. Anyway, both of us have very...


Chef’s Noodles Serves Up Oodles of Interesting

Went to HarbourFront on Sunday to pick my mum up after her trip to Batam and since it was already 7.45pm, we decided to have dinner there. Dad was intrigued by the menu of Chef’s Noodle – a Korean Japanese fusion restaurant where they specialised in (no brownie points for guessing) noodles. For starters, we...


First attempt at Char Siew Ramen

I amaze myself sometimes. Haha. I cooked Char Siew Ramen for the family tonight and I made almost everything from scratch. There are quite a few elements here and the pork and egg can be prepared the day before. Ramen Eggs  6 minutes. Set a timer. Take those eggs out after 6 minutes and dunk...

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