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Ume Sake Kit Kat

I used to really love Kit Kat when I was younger but as I grew older, I became more fond of tasting the more “exotic” flavours that the Japanese come up with for Kit Kat. I wonder why Nestle isn’t coming up with other various flavours in the other countries. Hmm… Anyway, I spotted this...


Ginza Tendon Itsuki’s Tempura Donburi

My friend has been raving about Ginza Tendon Itsuki’s Tempura Donburi for ages and with the long snaking queue outside the restaurant, I had to check it out. They only have 2 things on the menu: Special Tendon (S$13.90++) or Vegetable Tendon (S$12.90++), and they serve chawanmushi as well as miso soup alongside. The chawanmushi...


$10 Wagyudon with Onsen Egg

I had already read much about this S$10 gyudon stall at the famous Amoy Food Centre, which serves up “Instagrammable” beef rice bowls topped with onsen egg that oozes yolk when burst. I finally got to try the dish when the store, Gyu Nami, did a flash sale on Qoo10 where I only paid S$4.99...


Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant (KSL City)

Some friends and I decided to make a day trip to Johor Bahru (JB) just to spend the afternoon and evening there. Like most typical Singaporeans, we go there for cheap and good food as well as services such as massage and even to do our nails! But since this is my food blog, let’s...


Value For Money Donburi by Sushiro

My dad has been wanting to try the donburi (rice bowls) from Sushiro ever since he read the review in the Straits Times. Hence, we were all made to wake up early (by my standards at least) so that we could reach there around noon and avoid the crowd. Which I was surprised to see...


Great Japanese Tapas At The Public Izakaya by Hachi

When you think of izakayas, one would normally associate it with beer, noise and lots of tapas-like servings of food. Normally yakitori. And that is the basis of The Public Izakaya by the Hachi group, located at 100AM in Tanjong Pagar. On a warm day, you may want to sit inside the air-conditioned area but...


Underwhelming Pork At Butahage

The medium sized grilled pork rice bowl with added egg   So my friend and I were in the Clarke Quay area and when it came to dinner, we decided to pop over to Liang Court instead. As I’ve never tried Butahage, we decided to try out their Grilled Pork Rice Bowl since they’re supposed...


Ramen Festival At Ramen Matsuri

At the suggestion of my brother, the parents and I went to Ramen Matsuri for dinner for what my bro feels is “better ramen” than the ones at any typical ramen joint in Singapore. Ramen Matsuri literally means “ramen festival” and this little restaurant along North Canal Road specialises in ‘maze-soba’ which is dry ramen...


More Than Matcha At Nana’s Green Tea

Kinoko Hamburg Steak With Millet Rice After walking and feeling absolutely miserable walking in our hot and humid weather, I hungrily settlled at Nana’s Green Tea at Plaza Singapura for dinner. I had always associated Nana’s with dessert so this time round, I decided to try out their mains. I ordered their Kinoko Hamburg Steak...


Manzoku Really Leaves You Satisfied!

My ex-colleague treated me to lunch as she had missed my farewell lunches back in August. She brought me to this Japanese restaurant named Manzoku, located at Purvis Street. I never knew about this Japanese place as our usual haunt was another Japanese place further up the street! Manzoku means ‘satisfied’ in Japanese and with...

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