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The Coconut Club

This blog post has been long overdue and I apologise for not being consistent because I’ve just been so busy these days and I have hardly cooked nor ate anything interesting as I’ve just been ordering in. Oops. Anyway, finally had a get-together with a group of friends to try the hype that is known...


Patbingsoo Singapore

With the Korean wave, they have brought to us one of their desserts – Patbingsoo. Honestly, this is not very new. We have Ice Kachang in Singapore and kakigori in Japan. We humans seem to like to put fruit, nuts, syrup and ice cream on a bed of ice. Above and below is their Sinsa...


Okinawa Gelato In Singapore

If you were at Raffles Place this week, you would’ve probably noticed this pop-up store selling Gelato from Okinawa! This is the first pop-up store for this brand of Okinawan gelato and what immediately caught my attention were the interesting flavours such as Tofu (uh…how would this taste as a frozen dessert?), Tankan Sorbet, Purple...


Great Ice Cream And Waffles At Creamier

Waffles with ice cream (Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Black Sesame and Pistachio) I love myself a good waffle and ice cream. And I don’t mean those soft excuses of a waffle often sold at $2 at a nearby neighbourhood bakery (although those are quite tasty). I like them crispy on the outside but fluffy on...


More Love For Oriole Cafe and Bar

Espresso Rack Of Lamb A lot of cafes come and go in Singapore but Oriole has been around for years (although it has been bought over and now is under Far East) and it has been more than 3 years since I last visited. I have more culinary tales to tell of their offering! When...


More Than Matcha At Nana’s Green Tea

Kinoko Hamburg Steak With Millet Rice After walking and feeling absolutely miserable walking in our hot and humid weather, I hungrily settlled at Nana’s Green Tea at Plaza Singapura for dinner. I had always associated Nana’s with dessert so this time round, I decided to try out their mains. I ordered their Kinoko Hamburg Steak...


Tai Parfait Is A Deceptively Sinful Treat

I was walking around Bugis Junction and I spied my dessert eye on this corner shop at the basement level where they have 2 things that I like – ice cream and tai ‘cake’! Tai cake is a sweet waffle/cake that is normally shaped like a fish and traditionally filled with red bean paste. However,...


Muji Caramel Brownies

I had bought this box of Caramel Brownie mix from Muji in March but haven’t had the chance to bake them till this week. Thank goodness for packaging and to a certain extent, natural preservatives! Anyway, these pre-mix boxes were going at 30% off their usual price of S$12.90 so I figured, why not? Note...

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