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Replacing Eggs In Baking

If you’re a lazy cook/baker like me, there will be times when you realise that you have missing ingredients just when you’ve taken out the flour, chocolate chips and what nots. Most likely, you’ll find out that you have run out of eggs. We tend to take it for granted that our egg tray is...


Matcha Cupcakes with Azuki Beans

  I’ve finally made my Matcha Cupcakes with Azuki Buttercream with my new Kitchenaid mixer! I even used my spanking new mini cupcake silicon tray and I must say that they’re adorable. 🙂 A few things that I learnt from today’s experiment: Do not use wholemeal flour for cupcakes, it will leave a texture that...


Cupcakes & Spaghetti Vongole

 I just had the urge to bake on Monday, so I did!  I cheated and just bought a pre-mix though. Haha…I baked lemon cupcakes with a simple icing.  It was delish! I’m not a cake person so one is enough for me. 🙂 So satisfying to bake perfect cupcakes without having to measure the flour...