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Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill Opens at Sunway Resort in Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur

The first Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill outside of the UK has opened its doors at Sunway Resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia just over the weekend. This landmark launch also represents the culmination of a once-in-a-generation transformation of Sunway Resort. The restaurant blends Gordon Ramsay’s British heritage with the grace and grandeur of Sunway Resort. A...


Shake Shack Says Apa Khabar Malaysia

Shake Shack Inc and licensee SPC Group (a Korea-based global food and beverage company) have expanded their partnership and have announced their plan to open 10 Shacks in Malaysia by 2031. “We continue to be blown away by the enthusiasm of our fans throughout the world and are thrilled to announce our further development in...


Huge Cockles Anyone?

Went to Johor Bahru with a few friends for a quick day trip to get our Chinese New Year goodies and for dinner, we decided to go and have some fresh cockles after one of my friends told us about how huge they were. Yes…there were cockles that were GINORMOUS and looked slightly vulgar (LOL)...


Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant (KSL City)

Some friends and I decided to make a day trip to Johor Bahru (JB) just to spend the afternoon and evening there. Like most typical Singaporeans, we go there for cheap and good food as well as services such as massage and even to do our nails! But since this is my food blog, let’s...