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Korean Style Pork

I don’t dare to call this Pork Bulgogi because I’m not Korean and this recipe is really not the traditional spicy bulgogi recipe…but the taste is awfully close to it. I learnt this from a friend’s domestic helper who used to work for a Korean family but I made my own tweaks. I like to...


Korean Army Stew Buddaejjigae

Look what I’ve made! This is Buddaejjigae, which is literally translated as Army Stew and is a dish that was created during WW2 by the Korean soldiers who were relying on food rations from the USA. Being Asians, they made the American Spam, cocktail sausages and baked beans into something more palatable to the Korean...


Korean Style Spicy Grilled Pork

Pardon the ugly photo. I took this photo only after my mum ate it and I had no chance to plate it properly. Anyway, this recipe is super simple and you can use it on chicken or beef as well. In this case, I used leftover pork collar shabu shabu slices but it’s traditionally made...


Homemade Kimchi

My aunt is recently mad about kimchi and like most housewives, she likes making it herself. So, when I was there, I was roped in to help her make it. Here’s what she used: 2 heads of Napa cabbage1 cup of kosher salt (do not use regular table salt as kosher/sea salt is less salty)1...


Kimchi ‘Sukiyaki’ with Beef and Shirataki

One of my favourite restaurants, Sho Teppan, has decided to take the Kimchi soup base off their menu and as such, I’m forced to recreate my favourite dish at home! What a girl needs to do in order to satisfy her cravings… Anyway, this is a lot cheaper than eating at a restaurant (obviously) and...