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Wholesome Savour New Vegan Menu

Welcome to the newly revamped menu of Wholesome Savour, a more casual dining cafe of its sister Frunatic. Similar to Frunatic, the food served at Wholesome Savour serves vegan food that contains no gluten, no dairy, no peanuts, no eggs and no preservatives. All their ingredients are also washed with alkaline ionised water to remove...


Tiramisu Mille Feuille Birthday Cake

Check out the epic Tiramisu Mille Feuille that my aunt made for me as my birthday cake! I had requested this about a month back and since my aunt is now in Singapore, she made this for my birthday. My first homemade birthday cake!! 😀 As you can see, I was thrilled to have it...


Bats Cake Pops for Halloween – Fail :(

Bought this on my birthday and was inspired to bake them for Halloween. I even planned a party at the bestie’s place just so that I could showcase my Bats Cake Pops! The instructions from the kit made it seem sooo simple… and initially, it was. I just had to mix the red velvet pre-mix...


Matcha Cupcakes with Azuki Beans

  I’ve finally made my Matcha Cupcakes with Azuki Buttercream with my new Kitchenaid mixer! I even used my spanking new mini cupcake silicon tray and I must say that they’re adorable. 🙂 A few things that I learnt from today’s experiment: Do not use wholemeal flour for cupcakes, it will leave a texture that...


Strawberry Shortcakes

I made strawberry shortcakes on Thursday night simply because I felt like eating them. The strawberry shortcakes that I made are the traditional type, meaning that it is made with shortbread and not sponge cake, which is what you get in most (if not all) cake stores in Singapore. Brought this to work and it...