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Replacing Eggs In Baking

If you’re a lazy cook/baker like me, there will be times when you realise that you have missing ingredients just when you’ve taken out the flour, chocolate chips and what nots. Most likely, you’ll find out that you have run out of eggs. We tend to take it for granted that our egg tray is...


How to cook grains

As a Chinese, I do eat rice as my staple and I’ve also switched from white polished rice to brown rice. You’d think that rice is rice but different types of rice (and therefore, grains) require different amounts of water to cook. Instead of writing down everything, here’s a good infographic that I found off...


I’m finally on Pinterest!

I’m finally on Pinterest and if you’d like a more organised ‘board’ of my posts on my nail art plus my recipes, do follow me there at Besides those 2 boards, do give me suggestions on what other boards I should put up as I’d love to hear from you guys. Big thanks in...


Bats Cake Pops for Halloween – Fail :(

Bought this on my birthday and was inspired to bake them for Halloween. I even planned a party at the bestie’s place just so that I could showcase my Bats Cake Pops! The instructions from the kit made it seem sooo simple… and initially, it was. I just had to mix the red velvet pre-mix...


October Food Haul

Went to Meidi-ya one day with the parents after having a Japanese curry dinner and these 2 bags of crisps caught my eye. Thank you UK for the interesting flavours! The large bag of Guinness chips (S$5.95) tasted like lightly salted potato chips with a very slight aftertaste of stout. I really don’t mind having...


Simple Roast Chicken with Figs and Onions

Fresh figs are hard to come by in Singapore but when you do get them, they’re so lush that it seems a bit of a shame to just eat them plain. I bought a box of 4 figs and I had already done the “eat ’em raw and fresh” to 2 of them and I...