Toby’s Estate Singapore Flagship is thrilled to announce its official reopening, showcasing a sleek new look and introducing a new Flavour Savour – Pandan Waffle coffee. The Robertson Quay mainstay unveils its top-to-toe warehouse makeover, creating an immersive and eagerly anticipated coffee experience for Toby’s Estate’s dedicated community.

The revamped space offers guests an enhanced customer experience and welcoming setting, featuring a seating capacity of 55 indoors and 32 outdoor riverside spots. With a focus on personalisation and connection, the redesigned layout creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, catering to the needs of both customers and staff.

Guests can indulge in the all-new interactive Filter and Espresso Bars, offering a diverse coffee program featuring beans from South America, Africa, and Asia. Quenching the summer heat, The Freezus menu presents high-end frozen coffee options, including award-winning blends.

Toby’s new canned Not Hot Coffee range (S$5.30++ each) offers refreshing cold coffees in three tempting flavours: Oat Milk Latte, Cold Brew Black, and ‘Spro Tonic.

Hot on the menu are Toby’s Estate Aussia café favorites, from the Brekkie of Champions to the Surf & Turf Tower, Toby’s French Toast and the Smoked Salmon & Herb Cream Cheese Sandwich, there’s something for everyone.

I tried the Eggs Benedict with Beef Stew because I have never seen this combo at any other cafes. Plus, it has been a long time since I’ve had eggs Benedict. Poaching eggs is a hassle so I don’t do it unless I’m really in the mood.

Mmm…nothing beats a perfectly runny yolk with Hollandaise sauce on a thick slice of brioche that soaks it all up. Yummy!! The stewed beef reminded me of pulled pork but less tender. It was still relatively easy to tear apart but you definitely need a knife to cut it into smaller bites. I really liked the sautéed mushrooms as well, which brought the whole dish together and reminded me a lot of steak with eggs.

I ordered a side of avocado for my little one and they served it on another plate. So, the side is really the whole avocado. Not complaining because for the price, you don’t feel that cheated when served a whole sliced up avocado.

Now, let me wax lyrical about Toby’s French Toast. I wanted something of a dessert but the dessert section didn’t sing to me, which is why I decided to go for the French toast. I was not expecting it to be that tasty but these are the fluffiest, eggy toasts that I have ever eaten and they were not too sweet. They went perfectly with the chilled berry compote, which my little one gave her approval with an “mmmm!”. The espresso bacon were good too, although I didn’t taste any coffee flavour. It’s my new favourite and I think I might just go back to Toby’s Estate just for this.

New! Flavour Savour – Pandan Waffle

Toby’s Estate is also introducing their limited edition Pandan Waffle Flavour Savour, a blend capturing Southeast Asian flavours. It was created in collaboration with Toby’s Head Roaster and a coffee farmer from Colombia; and I was told by the Country Manager that this coffee is made with natural fruit and plant extracts so there isn’t any artificial flavourings.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, then you’ll be pleased to know that Toby’s has also introduced a new coffee menu that now has a flavour wheel so that you can easily choose your cuppa for the day based on your preferred flavour profile. Be it fruity, chocolatey or acidic, the colour codes for each flavour profile will help you make an easier decision.

(Left to right) Wooloomooloo latte and the Pandan Waffle latte

Now, what if you’re like me and you’re not a coffee snob. You just can differentiate between good and bad coffee? Well, the manager recommended the house blend, which is called Woolloomooloo. And so that is how I ended up with two cups of coffee on my table because I had to try that as well as the latest Pandan Waffle, right?

On first sip, I couldn’t really tell the difference between both coffees except that I liked how it didn’t have a very strong bitter after taste. The distinct end notes came out only after I added stevia and I think having two cups side by side also created a contrast that helped me pick out the flavours.

For the Woolloomooloo latte, it is a very well-rounded coffee that is a little more on the chocolate side. While it isn’t a heavy brew, it does taste a lot more robust than the Pandan Waffle. The Pandan Waffle has a slight toasty taste to it, which is then finished with a slight coconut flavour. I couldn’t quite get any pandan aroma but then, it was probably overpowered by the coffee smell. Compared to the Woolloomooloo, the Pandan Waffle latte was a lot lighter and therefore, easier to finish off before the food arrived.

If you’re not into coffee, then I do recommend getting one of their smoothies. The Avocado Smoothie is rather popular and I saw a few tables ordering it but I opted for the Mango Peach Smoothie instead. It is a rich smoothie that is absolutely wonderful to slurp on a hot day. Very heavy on the mango flavour and I didn’t taste any peach but it is still a good smoothie.


I do like the new sleek look of Toby’s (yes, I’ve been to Toby’s before) and I do recommend getting a table next to the windows so that you can do what my little one was doing: looking out and enjoying the view of the Singapore River or simply people watching.

As the place isn’t crowded on weekday afternoons, it can be a good spot for brunch and coffee while you work away at your laptop.


Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk Street
Singapore 238216

Opening hours:
Weekdays 7.00am to 3.00pm
Weekends 7.30am to 5.00pm


Images: Toby’s Estate and In Chef Mode

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