This April is about to get really cheesy! Take your love for cheese to a new level with the return of Subway®’s beloved Double Cheese Series—rich flavourful subs with a Jalapeño Cheese drizzle over chunky steak or chicken.

Double the Cheese, Double the Smile

First launched in 2023 in Singapore, Subway®Double Cheese Series, a crowd favourite, is back to double your smile like never before.

Richly layered with distinctly delicious cheeses, Subway® Double Cheese Series is sure to leave you feeling good and smiling for more.

Freshly prepared every day and starring the flavour-packed Old English Cheese and Jalapeño Cheese duo, Subway® Double Cheese Series consists of two subs—the Double Cheese Steak and the Double Cheese Chicken:

  • Double Cheese Steak
    • It’s drizzling cheese. Jalapeño Cheese sauce. All over juicy chunks of steak. With four slices of Old English Cheese to make you smile big!
  • Double Cheese Chicken
    • Chicken strips, marinated in Jalapeño Cheese. Jalapeño chicken strips, topped with slices of Old English Cheese. What can we say? The cheesier, the better.

Subway® Double Cheese Series will be available at all participating Subway® restaurants island-wide for a limited-time only. The Double Cheese Steak will be available a la carte at S$9.50 and the Double Cheese Chicken at S$8.50 a la carte.

Complete your meal by adding some nuggets of joy — Subway®’s extra tender and yummy Black Pepper Chicken Nuggets, and a 16-oz fountain drink from S$11.90. You can also choose between Waffle Cut Fries that are baked fresh in restaurants or signature Cookies from S$9.90.

Double your smiles on Weekend with Subway® Weekend Deals for Two

Double your joy during the weekends with Subway® Weekend Deals for Two. Exclusively for Double Cheese Beef & Chicken Deal ($20.90) and Double Cheese Chicken Deal ($19.90). Each deal comes with 2x Double Cheese subs, 1x 5pc Black Pepper Chicken Nuggets, 1x Waffle Cut Fries and 2x 16oz drink.

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Images: Subway Singapore

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