Amara Singapore is delighted to announce the launch of exciting new lifestyle destination Lobby Bar and Cafe Oriental. Designed by local consultancy Studio HBA, these spaces are thoughtfully crafted to foster warmth, intimacy, and the creation of cherished memories – making them ideal for meaningful conversations and celebrations within a space that is reminiscent of a home from home.

Shares Dawn Teo, Senior Vice President of Amara Hotels and Resorts, “The communal beating heart of Amara Singapore, which houses Lobby Bar and Cafe Oriental, has undergone a transformative journey to exude an inviting, sophisticated, yet playful energy. Collaborating with esteemed partners such as Studio HBA, Main Green, and Grand Vin, we have once more established Amara Singapore as the core of the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood; a vision that is intricately reflected in the design elements. The launch and newly revitalised spaces provide a first glimpse into the future of Amara Singapore. We eagerly anticipate welcoming a fresh generation of guests while extending a warm invitation back to our regulars.”

Lobby Bar

Situated within Amara Singapore, the Lobby Bar is set to be an entirely different experience for guests. The dynamic space evolves with the rhythm of the day.  Bathed in soft natural light during the day, the Lobby exudes vibrant energy, offering a relaxed grab-and-go concept. As night falls, the amber glow of the Bar, complemented by a curated wine collection, transforms the space into a lively setting for the second act.

Boasting a minimalist design aesthetic, the space exudes a contemporary, considered, and elegant ambience, taking the experience to a new level. The Lobby Bar design pays homage to the heritage of its surrounding neighbourhood, incorporating the essence of the architectural and cultural nuances of Tanjong Pagar, where the hotel first opened in 1986. The characteristic solid granite steps leading to the bar are reminiscent of the covered walkways found throughout the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, terracotta elements in the bar’s backdrop reference the roofs of the area’s historic shophouses.

Leather, marble, and wood accents seamlessly come together to create a sense of timeless design, inviting our guests into a space tailored for refined relaxation. Further lending gravitas to the Lobby Bar is champagne-tinted steel panelling inspired by the corrugated steel panels that line the alleyways behind shophouses. The perforations along these panels mimic the pleats and folds of a curtain, creating a theatrical backdrop for the space. Coupled with a timber ceiling that draws inspiration from the rafters and beams used in the construction of shophouses, the Lobby Bar’s lofted space feels simultaneously intimate.

The careful selection of materials and attention to detail by Studio HBA contribute to an environment that is not only visually stunning but also functionally versatile. The deliberate combination of elements creates a space that caters to a variety of experiences, making it the perfect backdrop for both serendipitous moments and special occasions.

Collaborating with Grand Vin, Lobby Bar is poised to build a strong community of oenophiles, with a discerning variety of renowned wines. Top curations from renowned winemakers include Champagne Louis Roederer, Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) and Domaine Faiveley. Additionally, Lobby Bar will also have the privilege of housing Singapore’s most extensive collection of Champagne Louis Roederer. Founded in 1776, the Louis Roederer House is one of the last great Champagne houses to have remained family-run and independent in the region.

A space to foster connection and exploration, Lobby Bar and Grand Vin will also host engaging wine-tasting masterclasses to further cultivate knowledge and passion amongst wine lovers, both new and seasoned. Guests will also have the rare opportunity to connect with visiting winemakers from around the world as well

Mr Chua Pin, Managing Director of Grand Vin, shared his excitement about the recently forged partnership with Amara Singapore, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both businesses, promising an exceptional fusion of top-tier wines at the newly renovated lobby of Amara Singapore. Grand Vin remains committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to wine enthusiasts and patrons alike. We hope this will be the go-to destination for all wine lovers.”

“We are thrilled to partner Grand Vin, as part of our vision to continually evolve and offer the modern traveller an unforgettable stay experience at Amara Singapore,” said Richard Chan, General Manager of Amara Singapore. “We believe in sharing with our guests only the best product offerings, paired with bespoke experiences that will make their time with Amara Singapore a memorable one for all guests, including business travellers and residents of the surrounding community alike.”

The Lobby Bar welcomes guests from 7am onwards, offering a grab-and-go option for artisanal coffee and pastries, with wine experience starting from 4pm to 10.30pm.

Cafe Oriental

In addition to the debut of Lobby Bar, the adjacent Cafe Oriental has now reopened after undergoing interior refurbishment. Using the nearby Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Centre as the design anchor for the space, Cafe Oriental reimagines the modern-day hawker stall, incorporating details such as the tiled floor pattern to the stainless steel counters commonly found in hawker stalls. Landscape designer, Lee Han Yang of Main Green, envelops the thoughtfully detailed interiors with lush, verdant foliage, creating a sense of natural tranquillity. The biophilic design makes the cafe a welcoming spot for both food lovers and travellers to enjoy the lush greenery found within Singapore’s city in a garden.

“Central to our design philosophy was honouring the significance of Amara Hotel’s rich history within the community. It has and always will serve as a cornerstone in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood,” explained Joris Angevaare, Partner at Studio HBA. “Our aim was to create a space that embodies comfort and engagement yet also exudes vitality, highlighted by the interactions between guests and locals. This design ethos aligns with Amara Singapore’s brand commitment to authentic service and creating meaningful moments for guests.”

Hearty dishes serve as fuel for piquant conversations. Inspired by Singapore’s diverse cultural mosaic honed by time-honoured recipes passed down through the generations, Cafe Oriental transforms memories into soulful dishes presented in its inaugural reopening menu, specially curated by Chef Danny Bong.

Open daily, from 11.30am to 8.30pm for lunch and dinner. Cafe Oriental is designed to bring together timeless heritage charm with refreshing elements of a modern atmosphere.


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Images: Amara Singapore

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