Welcoming 2024 with a sensational array of mouthwatering dishes, Restaurant IMAMURA is delighted to introduce its first Seasonal Menu of the year for January and February 2024. Presenting an exquisite selection of dishes aimed at redefining the dining experience, the menu is carefully curated by Chef Imamura that focuses on an exceptional flavour profile.

Start the culinary journey with Tarabagani, a traditional Hokkaido red king crab dish. Succulent steamed king crab body meat, seasoned with salt and kombu, is paired with turnip pressed with viola flower and vinegar. The kohlrabi, or turnip cabbage, is salt-marinated, dusted with crab hishio, and served with refreshing ginger sorbet and goji berry. To complete the dish, shabu-shabu king crab leg is seared and wrapped in dashi jelly, and served with multiple greens and pickles – creating a perfect appetiser to tantalise diners’ palates.

Next in line is the Akamutsu soup, elegantly presented in Restaurant IMAMURA’s prized antique bowl with the inscription “富貴” (wealth), also featuring a beautiful Botan flower and Japanese coin lid. The antique plates, with rich histories, contribute to the storytelling and aesthetics of the dining experience. The soup features grilled rosy seabass and shrimp potato wrapped in a thin slice of hanabira mochi, offering a comforting warmth to the stomach.

Among the courses, a standout not to be missed is Fugu from Fukuoka, showcasing various parts of the pufferfish. Slow-cooked at 43 degrees and marinated with fugu hishio and kombu dashi, the dish is complemented by deep-fried fugu skin, adding a crispy texture to the bite. A true highlight is the deep-fried baby fugu, aged and dried for a day, topped with deep-fried seared shirako, offering a sweet and juicy taste.

The beef fillet, cooked in IMAMURA’s signature style, is served with boiled urui, deep-fried garlic chive, pickled radish, and grilled beef fat. The flavours are elevated with homemade kinzaji miso, a hint of mustard seed, ground turnip paired egg white foam, and a touch of seasoned with beef garum. The dish is presented on 80-100-year-old plates depicting China through the eyes of the Japanese in the old days, connecting diners to the cultural and historical roots.

The dish is presented on the restaurant’s 80-100-year-old plates depicting China through the eyes of the Japanese in the olden days, connecting diners to its cultural and historical roots.

Putting the finishing touches on the culinary indulgence is the Amazaka dessert, featuring apple, orange and shiratama mochi, soaked in various syrup and dusted with kinako powder. Elevated by the vibrant flavours of fresh pomelo and luscious soymilk ice cream, this sweet finale adds a delightful touch to conclude the experience.

As always, at Restaurant IMAMURA, diners are invited to embark on a multi-sensory journey, exploring the storied origins and aromatic flavour profiles of Chef Imamura’s creations. Every detail, from artfully crafted dishes to the enchanting ambience, has been meticulously prepared to appeal to the five senses.

Images: Restaurant IMAMURA

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