In a celebration of artistry and tradition, renowned crochet artist Kelly Lim collaborates with LOUIS XIII Cognac to unveil a captivating artwork showcasing the virtue of time. The artwork, titled ‘100,’ underscores the significance of time, materials, and the reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship in both the elaboration of LOUIS XIII Cognac production and crocheting.

Lim, better known as Kelly Limerick, is a prominent Singaporean visual artist specialising in crochet and knit as her primary mediums. Celebrated for her alternative take on the ancient craft of crochet, Limerick was chosen by the luxury cognac House to craft an installation representing the ethos of LOUIS XIII and THE DROP – the latest product innovation by LOUIS XIII. THE DROP is an embodiment of a new generation that spontaneously reinvents luxury codes through ownership, fostering a unique ‘art-de-vivre’ akin to Limerick’s approach toward art.

The masterpiece that Kelly Limerick created with LOUIS XIII Cognac

Seeking inspiration before creating the art piece, Limerick embarked on a journey to the esteemed LOUIS XIII Domaine du Grollet Estate in Cognac, France. Here, she delved deeper into the history and heritage of LOUIS XIII Cognac, which has remained unchanged since its creation by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin in 1874. Limerick had the opportunity to explore the vineyards and tour the cellars alongside Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau. Whilst strolling through century-old barrels, she became enthralled by the House’s timeless heritage.

Limerick in Cognac, France

“The sense of history in the old town was unmistakable, and upon my arrival, I grasped why LOUIS XIII is steadfast about its origin and identity,” Limerick noted. “There’s an evident pride in the meticulous approach, a serene and unwavering dedication to savoir-faire passed down from one cellar master to the next. Ageing the eaux-de-vie holds an element of unpredictability, where nuances such as the position of each tierçon (unique barrels of the House) in the cellar or shifts in humidity may yield distinct flavours. It falls upon the cellar master to trust their palate, sampling the diverse eaux-de-vie to craft the familiar blend of LOUIS XIII that we recognise. These two elements — trust in the unknown and confidence in personal skill — resonate with me and have inspired me greatly.”

Some of Limerick’s great iterations before the final masterpiece

Limerick’s visit to Cognac formed the foundation for her masterpiece. The artwork, which she unravelled and reworked 100 times to depict the progress in time, posed both physical and creative challenges. “It involved four months of daily dedication; more time and effort required than if I did 100 individual pieces, ” she confessed, emphasising the similarity to the laborious production of the precious liquid. LOUIS XIII is made up of the House cellars’ finest eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, each distilled and selected at different times in history and blended to create a unique cognac by LOUIS XIII.

‘100’ embodies the relentless dedication towards creativity of both Limerick and LOUIS XIII Cognac. The final sculpture, resembling a vessel with a double-walled bowl within, cradles soil collected from Cognac. ‘100’ represents a culmination of artistic exploration and the essence of the LOUIS XIII heritage. Crafted as a single piece without joins or internal structures, the sculpture, like a fountain, remains hollow. By incorporating soil from the vineyards in Cognac — which encapsulates the essential elements that mature into the flavourful layers in LOUIS XIII as it ages — ‘100’ symbolises the beginning – the spring of life which created the cognac that could only be tasted decades later.

Close-up of the vessel-like sculpture

“We are honoured to collaborate with Kelly Limerick, having her join us in exploring intertwined concepts of time and preserving artistic heritage for future generations. Kelly’s approach strongly resonates with the DNA of LOUIS XIII and the universe of THE DROP. She comprehends LOUIS XIII’s perspective on time as a means of inspiration from the past and the present to envision the future and our commitment to thinking a century ahead,” shares Anne-Laure Pressat, Executive Director of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

‘100’ was created in collaboration with LOUIS XIII THE DROP.  THE DROP is a spontaneous experience of LOUIS XIII Cognac: a 1cl bottle for a generation of nomads. THE DROP retails at Tatler Bar at S$288 for 1cl, and S$1,440 for a pack of five 1cl bottles. The add-on accessory of a lanyard with a leather bottle case is priced at S$168.


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