Gyozas aren’t just delectable; they’re also health-conscious snacks that are believed to aid in one’s weight loss journey. Imagine a culinary wonderland where tradition dances with innovation, and each bite tells a flavorful story. GYOZA-SAN, a haven of heavenly gyozas that have taken the Lion City by storm. Led by the visionary Wilman Ng, whose culinary journey spans over three glorious decades, this gastronomic gem is not just a restaurant – it’s a passion-driven adventure! Founded just two years ago, this culinary gem has become synonymous with tradition, innovation, and a healthy twist on a beloved classic.

GYOZA-SAN’s tale begins with Wilman’s deep-rooted love for Japanese cuisine, cultivated during his time at ThaiExpress in Singapore. But that’s just the beginning of his epic journey. He’s dabbled in the art of baking, owned three thriving outlets in the early 2000s, and even ventured into the world of gourmet hamburgers. With a culinary canvas painted in a myriad of flavors, Wilman’s life has been a true gastronomic odyssey.

Armed with dedication to perfection – these delectable gyozas are lovingly handcrafted daily with precision and a dash of modern flair. The secret? A traditional Japanese grilling method in cast iron pans, resulting in a tantalizing marriage of crispy exteriors and succulent fillings that will make your taste buds sing in harmony.

But here’s the twist that sets GYOZA-SAN apart – their innovative take on gyozas. While history may tell us that gyozas were traditionally pork-based, Wilman has reimagined them as Halal delights, embracing the rich tapestry of international flavors alongside their eight signature ones. Expect a delightful surprise every 3-4 months as new flavors make their debut.

Gyoza-san’s commitment to accessibility is a breath of fresh air. Picture this: a kiosk setup that beckons you with tantalizing aromas, inviting you to grab and go whenever the craving strikes. Its packaging ensures a memorable experience with every bite. Your culinary journey is made even more enchanting with distinctive packaging designed for on-the-go convenience.

The Halal certification isn’t just a stamp; it’s a heartfelt gesture that resonates deeply with the Muslim community. With three kiosks located at Sun Plaza, CIMB Plaza, and Marina One, GYOZA-SAN offers more than just gyozas – it’s an enchanting journey of flavors and stories.

What’s more, the prices are designed to be friendly to your wallet, with no sneaky service charges or GST. It is where tradition meets innovation in a delectable dance of flavors.

5 Straits View
#B2-29, The Heart
Marina One
Singapore 018926


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