Sparkling with bold hues and playful flavours, the newly crafted beverage selection invites guests to spark their curiosity across a kaleidoscope of locally rooted drinks. Bar Trigona has won Malaysia’s Best Bar 2020-23; #36 on Asia’s Best Bars List 2023; the Ketel One Sustainable Award in 2020 and the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award in 2022, and now pushes boundaries further with a cocktail menu that immerses guests in the colourful and abundant aromas and tastes of Malaysia.

“Since its inception, Bar Trigona has been a space for constant discovery,” explains Head Bartender Rohan Matmary. “Our latest cocktails are meticulously designed to awaken all five senses, with each drink unfolding a fascinating story of tastes and textures, colours and aromas.”

Along with the beverages themselves, other facets of the drinking experience are also tailored to spark curiosity. The rainbow-hued menu is as informative as it is eye-catching, while the handcrafted glassware is thoughtfully curated to suit each drink.

Colour Me Curious

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a glass, Bar Trigona’s acclaimed bartenders amplify the wonders of nature. Guests will taste fresh expressions of local staples like nutmeg, rose apple and torch ginger, alongside an innovative incorporation of regional flavours like miso, saffron and ube (purple yam).

Local food-and-drink traditions are elevated with craft mixology techniques: sous pression; fat washing; sous vide; barrel ageing and more. Malaysians can look forward to an intriguing nostalgic journey, while globetrotters will find a gateway to the country’s homegrown abundance.

Menu Highlights:

Sample colourful libations such as the violet-tinted Iris, a decadently nutty take on the classic White Russian; the blushing Pastel, a floral concoction that’s wonderfully easy on the taste buds; and the tropical Inca, a bottled tropical take on the classic Vieux Carré, poured tableside while you marvel at the liquid gold craftsmanship.

Petrichor, from the Spirit Free menu section

What makes the new menu even more appealing is its standout selection of spirit-free drinks, carefully crafted to taste exactly like their alcohol-inclusive counterparts. As Rohan explains, “We’re championing the art of conscious drinking with these signature concoctions, which are just as delicious with or without alcohol.” Designated drivers and teetotallers can safely indulge in creations like Petrichor, a bright and punchy blend of fig, vetiver and pandan and Scarlet, a fizzy and elegant drink woven with raspberry, roselle and black truffle.

The Colour Me Curious journey extends to a selection of bottled cocktails, available in quantities of 1, 2 or 5 serves. Ideal for sharing with friends or as a nightcap to go, these drinks can also be carried back home as surprise gifts!

As guests sip their way through the cocktail list, they can fill up on gourmet bites that pay homage to Malaysia’s multicultural spirit. Guests can keep it fun and flavourful with dishes such as Trigona Tropical Caviar, Padron Peppers Bhaji, Lobster Ramen and Coconut Flambé.

Hello, Honey!

(Left to right) Curious Classics flight: Trigona Bees Knees; Trigona Penicillin; Airmail from Trigona

Since the beginning, sustainability has been the golden thread that weaves through Bar Trigona’s story — with the trigona honey bee at its centre. Guests are invited to embark on a journey through the transformation of trigona honey with Curious Classics, a flight of three distinct tasters featuring rum, whisky and gin. A portion from the sale of every cocktail goes towards the revitalisation of indigenous bee habitats. Bar Trigona continues to work closely with Malaysian farmers and food producers with a view to supporting local communities, as well as promoting sustainable practices.

Images: Bar Trigona Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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