Hoiana Resort & Golf, Vietnam’s premier world-class beachfront integrated resort, is proud to present a culinary phenomenon within its ongoing ‘Guest Chef Series.’ This extraordinary series, extending until December 2023, showcases the exceptional talents of internationally acclaimed chefs, aiming to elevate Vietnam’s culinary landscape and redefine gourmet experiences.

From 21st to 31st August, esteemed Chef Khoo Bee Man hailing from Penang, Malaysia, and distinguished Chef Lee Chun Hean from Singapore, will come together to create a culinary masterpiece. This limited-time engagement will elevate The Garden’s dining options with a plethora of authentic street food flavours. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant streets of Penang and the bustling food havens of Singapore, these esteemed chefs will curate an exclusive menu that captures the essence of Southeast Asian street cuisine.

The ‘Guest Chef Series’ is set to be a remarkable showcase of culinary diversity. From the local flavours of Hue Imperial Cuisine to the intricate artistry of Japanese Wagashi Art Cuisine, from innovative Vietnamese-French fusion dishes to the sophistication of Nordic fine dining cuisine, this series will take diners on a global culinary expedition.

During this exclusive period, Chef Khoo and Chef Lee have meticulously curated a menu that captures the essence of their respective culinary heritages. Begin your culinary exploration with appetisers that evoke fond memories of street-side feasting. Delight in the classic Singapore Rojak Salad (VND 150,000) or relish the freshness of the popiah (VND 120,000). For those with a penchant for soup, savour the richness of the Singapore Pork Organ Soup (VND 120,000). The journey continues with an enticing selection of mains, featuring beloved dishes like the Singapore Chilli Crab (VND 380,000), Assam Prawn (VND 220,000), Malaysian Beef Curry (VND 200,000), and Penang Jawa Mee (VND 200,000).

No culinary journey is complete without a sweet flourish. Chef Khoo and Chef Lee invite you to conclude your experience with iconic desserts such as the refreshing Ice Kacang or the comforting Bubur Cha, both offered at VND 120,000. The menu can be found here.

Flavours of Penang and Singapore Take Centre Stage
From 21st to 31st August, esteemed Chef Khoo Bee Man of Penang, Malaysia, and distinguished Chef Lee Chun Hean from Singapore, will come together to create a culinary masterpiece. This limited-time engagement will transform The Garden, an enchanting dining setting within the resort, into a haven of authentic street food experiences.

September’s Time-Honoured Treasures
In September, the ‘Guest Chef Series’ continues with the celebrated Nguyen Thi Phien, a 78-year-old Vietnamese culinary artist renowned for her mastery of Hue Cuisine. A guardian of ancestral secrets, Nguyen’s family once served the imperial kitchen, and her exceptional skills have earned her the title of Vietnamese culinary artist by the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism. She will present her secret recipes and techniques at Yue, crafting a special dinner fit for royals.

A Palette of Flavours
In October, the spotlight shines on Le Trang, the owner of Chawagashi, a prominent school for Wagashi art in Vietnam. Le Trang’s creative approach infuses local ingredients to create stunning seasonal wagashi. Guests can witness her artistry at The Garden and The Edge.

October’s Fusion Maestro
Throughout October, the ‘Guest Chef Series’ welcomes Vo Thanh Vuong, a Top Chef Winner and head chef of P’ti Saigon, a Michelin Guide-listed restaurant in HCMC. Vuong’s expertise in blending Vietnamese and French cuisine, combined with his dedication to using local ingredients, results in a unique fusion experience at The Edge.

Nordic Extravaganza in December
The year concludes with Australian Chef Brian Voigt, a seasoned culinary artist with over 30 years of experience. Known for his Michelin-starred accomplishments in Germany, Chef Voigt brings Nordic fine dining to The Edge, offering guests an exceptional culinary voyage.


Nestled on a pristine beach just south of Hoi An and Danang in the picturesque province of Quang Nam, Hoiana Resort & Golf boasts an idyllic 4 km expanse of uninterrupted beachfront. Situated under an hour’s drive from Danang International Airport, which facilitates direct international connections to Asia’s major cities as well as domestic flights across Vietnam, the resort also stands just a 15-minute car ride away from the charming Hoi An Ancient Town.

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Images: Hoiana Resort & Golf

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