Aperol, the iconic Italian aperitif by Campari Group collaborates with Signature KOI to debut two Bubble Tea Cocktails. Adapted from classic spritz recipes that are enjoyed throughout the summer, the alcoholic duo of Aperol Blackcurrant Fizz and Aperol Sloe Gin Fizz are intended as easy-to-drink crossovers for both bubble tea and cocktail lovers. Both alcoholic bubble tea cocktails are now available at all Signature KOI outlets with the exception of Fernvale Community club at S$9.80.

Aperol Sloe Gin Fizz

Refreshing and tangy, the Aperol Sloe Gin Fizz by Signature KOI features Aperol with sloe gin for a jammy hint. Finished with grapefruit juice, signature floral green tea and a splash of soda, slices of fresh grapefruit and orange add a citrusy touch as drinkers stir their straws to sip up crunchy konjac pearls that come with the drink.

Aperol Blackcurrant Fizz

Built using the bittersweet aperitif, blackcurrant syrup, floral green tea and topped with soda, the Aperol Blackcurrant Fizz is easily the lighter variant among the two. Garnished with slices of lime, orange and a sprig of mint, the drink offers a delightfully berry-laced effervescence that is especially perfect as a sunny day pick-me-up.

Where to get them

Both alcoholic bubble teas are available at all Signature KOI outlets with the exception of Fernvale Community Club. While the Sloe Gin Fizz already features pops of konjac pearls, drinkers have the option of adding preferred toppings to their order.

Images: Aperol x Signature KOI

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