Not sure when the Tomahawk Steak became a recent trend but since it’s beef, on a bone and weighs 1kg, it caught my hubby’s attention and the carnivore in him has always wanted to try it. Since I had to fast for almost half a day for a blood test, he suggested that we have lunch at Seared Steakhouse since we were both hungry, we were the Tanglin area and I needed to (haha) make up for lost iron.

Nestled at a corner at the back of Tanglin Place, it is kinda easy to miss Seared if it wasn’t for the blown up bouncy castle and trampoline outside as well as a huge poster about their S$88++ Tomahawk steak. You can see the bar area from outside but walking in, you realise that the restaurant is pretty big and gives you an interesting vibe of family restaurant meets sports bar meets an English pub. The owners definitely wanted it to be a place for families judging from the tables of fours and sixes together with another children’s play area near the stage.

As we were there for lunch on a rainy day, we were the only customers. Can’t complain about having the choice of seating and we chose one of the booth seats. Not great for pregnant ladies who are six months and above or those who are plus sized. The booth seats are also a bit low so this may not be a good option for those who are tall or have very long legs.

While waiting for our order of the Tomahawk Steak was in (do note that it will take some time to prepare this), we ordered a couple of sides – Truffle Fries (S$16++) and Creamed Spinach (S$10++).

The truffle fries were very delicious and the truffle was perfumed throughout each fry. What I couldn’t really decipher was why the fries had that black spots all over and they’re not the eyes of the potatoes. Could they have rendered some tallow into the oil to make it super yummy? Or they didn’t filter the oil regularly after each frying session? One can only speculate but the fries didn’t taste as if they were cooked in very old oil and they tasted great even when cold.

As for the creamed spinach, the hubby loved it while I was neutral. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a simple dish that you can’t really go wrong with but if I were to cook this dish at home, I think I would’ve added a bit of onions to give it a bit more flavour. Nonetheless, it was something that could go with all your various types of meats and fish.

Now, for the star of the day! We ordered our Tomahawk to be medium rare and as you can see from the picture above, there is a good char on the bone as well as the sides so the middle portion is medium rare while the meat at the ends were more medium well. Nonetheless, each piece was really juicy regardless of doneness and tasted great with the accompanying mushroom sauce. However, I must say that some of the charring was a bit much on the extreme ends and it felt like eating burnt bits with a beefy aftertaste. But they were the minority.

We also cut off the seemingly overcooked meat off the bone and I highly recommend trying that, ignoring the meat at the ends of the bone. For whatever reason, the meat on the bone itself tasted a bit beefier and was a bit chewy – almost as if you’re chewing into tendons.

Yes, we managed to finish the whole Tomahawk and as you would’ve guessed, the 1kg is mostly from the bone so if you’re able to finish a 250-300g steak, it’s not difficult to share this with someone else and walk off satisfied.

By the way, Seared Steakhouse is now doing a promotion where the Truffle Fries will be free if you gave them a good review on Google. So, if you’re a meat lover, what are you waiting for?


Seared Steakhouse
91 Tanglin Road
#B1-01 Tanglin Place
Singapore 247918


Images: Melissa Fann for In Chef Mode

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