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It’s Father’s Day this Sunday and if you haven’t already ordered or bought your cakes for the special occasion, fret not as we managed to taste test a couple of specials from The Pine Garden! As usual, we will give our honest opinions, with no holds barred but before that, we’d like to thank The Pine Garden for sending us the samples for us to try. Without further ado, here are the specials:

Lime Cocojito Cake

If your dad likes something a little light and refreshing, then the Lime Cocojito Cake (header image) might be the cake that he’ll enjoy. It is a spongecake that is bejewelled with homemade White Rum & Lime jello cubes and generous amounts of dried coconut pieces; the whole cake is then covered with cream.

Firstly, I’m so glad that this cake is a cake-cake, if you know what I mean. No funky clashing flavours between savoury and sweet, drawing inspiration more from a cocktail than fusion cuisine. However, unlike a mojito, I couldn’t taste the rum so this is more like a mocktail than a cocktail. Nonetheless, the family liked this cake a lot! If there’s any further comment, I would recommend using a little more lime juice in the jello and less of the lime zest because it tasted a little on the bitter side. My mum thought that they added kefir lime leaves inside.

Nori, Pork Floss & Egg CakeWich

When I read the name of this ‘cake’, I was sceptical and was crossing my fingers, hoping that it didn’t turn out a disaster such as the Orh Ni Popiah Cake. But upon first bite, me and the hubs were pleasantly surprised! This specially created cake/sandwich is for those who like not-so-sweet stuff or those who love egg mayo sandwiches as well as those yummy floss breads, because it is a fantastic mix of all of that! The chiffon cake layers became the ‘bread’ one would be used to in normal sandwiches but because it’s actually chiffon cake, it was a nice sweeter and softer foil to the savoury nori and pork floss. I have to say that the floss and nori flakes did really add the special touch to the whole cakewich. Definite must try!


Both cakes are on sale at the following prices:

0.5kg | S$46.50
1.0kg | S$65.50

Sliced cakes are also available at The Pine Garden’s retail outlets at S$4.50/slice.

The Pine Garden’s all-time favourites are available all year as well!

For more information, do visit their website

Images: The Pine Garden

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