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Coucou, an alluring Swiss restaurant nestled in the eclectic streets of Duxton, invites guests in Singapore to embark on a unique culinary journey. Upon stepping through the doors, Coucou exudes an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a cosy alpine cabin, a further invitation for visitors to explore the exquisite flavours and ingredients that defines authentic Swiss cuisine.

Combining traditional Swiss recipes with a modern twist, Coucou offers a warm and unpretentious gastronomic affair. Guests are fully invited into the experience by the surrounding cool grey stone walls, adorned with photographs of magnificent Swiss mountains and handmade cuckoo clocks. The quirky clocks’ soft chimes add a soothing authenticity to an already one-of-a-kind dining concept.

Savour the essence of Swiss cuisine with Coucou’s meticulously crafted dishes. The freshness of a perfectly seasoned trout tartare, Tartare de Filet de Truite, is complemented by light sour cream and a touch of heat from bright green chilli. Beneath a topping of sweet tomatoes and briny capers, the crispy pan-seared sea bass, Filet de Bar, Sauce Vierge, is creamy and juicy, accompanied by a velvety celeriac mousse. Salade Coucou, a recipe handed down by the owner’s grandfather, is a curly chopped salad served with homemade ‘Grand Père’ dressing, a clean and zesty accompaniment to the other dishes on the menu.

For a truly Swiss Culinary experience, indulge in the restaurant’s signature delicacy: Malakoff – a crunchy golden spherical dome of deep-fried gruyére that melts in your mouth and is unique to only three villages in Switzerland. Don’t miss out on a classic Emincé de Veau à la Zurichoise, a crisp potato Rösti topped with a hearty, saucy Veal Ragout, a seemingly simple yet complex dish that warms the soul. Dip cubes of crusty bread or boiled baby potatoes into Fondue Moitié-Moitié, a delicious bubbling pot of melted Swiss cheese. An original recipe from Fribourg that incorporates alcohol, the fondue can be customised to your liking with a variety of toppings from truffles to spicy chilli padi.

Emince de Veau a la Zurichoise (Rossi with Veal Ragout)

Coucou offers a tantalising selection of Swiss wines and cocktails to accompany your dining journey. Begin with the Chasselas Wine, a popular aperitif that is smooth and slightly acidic and goes perfectly with the rich flavours of Swiss cheese. Or indulge the Petite Arvine, a fruity and floral aperitif wine that beautifully complements the fish or cheese dishes. A medium body, peppery Merlot with tannins suits heartier dishes such as the tender 55-days premium aged, grass-fed beef steak, Tagliata de Boeuf or the Filet Mignon de Porc aux Morilles, a juicy pork tenderloin with morel mushroom sauce. Explore Coucou’s speciality cocktails, with the Williamine Mojito, a delicious Swiss take on a Mojito made with Morand Williamine, a pear brandy. Coffee lovers can opt for the Espresso Martigny, a frothy cold brew twist using Morand Pear gin in place of vodka.

The restaurant menu stays true to Switzerland, a theme that carries through to their desserts. Go for the snowy white Swiss meringues in Meringues à la Double Créme complete with an assortment of plump red berries, a thick, smooth Gruyère cream, and topped off with a tart berry sauce. Family-sized groups can opt for the vegetarian-friendly Fondue au Chocolat, served sharing-style with fruits, marshmallows and assorted toppings.

“Chef Sebastien and I worked together for Coucou to bring the Swiss experience to Singapore because not everyone has been to Switzerland or tasted Swiss food before. The food really ties back to our culture and our heritage. For instance, the Grand Père dressing in Salade Coucou is actually my grandfather’s recipe, and I used to watch him make this in the kitchen very often,” muses Yves, the co-founder of Coucou.

Coucou’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with an expertly crafted menu that pays homage to Swiss culinary traditions, promises an unforgettable dining experience for food enthusiasts, friends and families alike.

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