Café Natsu, renowned for its warm ambiance and brunch classics, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new menus. Building upon the success of their flagship store at Joo Chiat since its opening in May 2022, Café Natsu has taken this opportunity to elevate their offerings by infusing timeless Japanese dishes with a local flair. As part of this exciting development, both the Joo Chiat outlet and the recently established Café Natsu Orchard, which opened its doors in December 2022, will showcase new menus, promising a warm and comforting dining experience.

Café Natsu is an ode to refined Japanese classics. With the launch of its new menus, Café Natsu continues to honour the essence of Japanese cuisine while embracing the local palate. Each dish has been thoughtfully crafted to incorporate a subtle local touch, ensuring familiarity and comfort in every bite. Furthermore, Café Natsu’s commitment to exceptional quality extends to the sourcing of fresh ingredients and finest produce from Japan.

Hearty lunch sets and fresh flavours at Joo Chiat

Cold Somen

Café Natsu Joo Chiat introduces a hearty lunch set that will capture your hearts with its exquisite flavours and carefully curated ingredients. Diners can choose between two options: the Wagyu Hamburg Bowl Set (S$36), featuring a house made Wagyu patty, or the Teishoku Set (S$32; header image), which highlights seasonal fish. Both are accompanied by appetisers and chestnut rice cooked with house made dashi.

The menu also boasts updated signature classics. The Cold Somen (S$16), a beloved favourite, offers a delightful exploration of changing seasonal flavours. For the current season, it features grilled saba, miso, jicama, shiso, and calamansi, served with a perfectly cooked egg yolk. Additionally, the Pork Katsu Sando (S$26) presents a mouthwatering combination of crispy pork cutlet, tamanegi, lettuce, and doubanjiang, harmonising various flavours in each bite.

Matcha Kakigori Souffle Cheesecake

Patrons of the Joo Chiat outlet can look forward to brand new flavours for their desserts. Indulge in the Matcha Kakigori (S$14), meticulously prepared using Uji Matcha, and served with seasonal fruits and Gula Melaka, offering a balance of sweetness and freshness. The Souffle Cheesecake (S$8), crafted with Japanese Tofu, presents a fluffy delight that is sure to please dessert enthusiasts. Lastly, the Zenzai dessert (S$14) presents a comforting culmination of Azuki Beans, Toasted Mochi, Glutinous Rice Balls, and Sour Plum, offering a soothing and satisfying finale to the meal.

All-Day breakfast bliss at Cafe Natsu Orchard

Café Natsu Orchard, the sister branch of Café Natsu Joo Chiat, invites guests to indulge in a condensed version of the Joo Chiat menu. Highlighting the new all-day breakfast concept exclusive to its Orchard branch, it ensures that customers can relish the best of its culinary creations at any time of day.

Eggs Benedict Ham & Cheese

Among the new breakfast selections is the Eggs Benedict (S$25), a delightful twist on the breakfast classic. Guests can savor a combination of 5-spiced pork belly, red pepper kinpira, poached eggs, and miso hollandaise. For those seeking a hearty and satisfying meal, the Ham & Cheese (S$19) is a must-try. This dish features a flavourful blend of Kurobuta shoulder ham, cheddar, gruyere, burrata, and nori. The Umami Breakfast (S$21) is a treat for the senses, offering a rich and savoury experience. Indulge in the flavours of scrambled eggs, XO, mushroom ragu, and furikake, combining to create an umami-packed breakfast that will leave guests craving for more.

The evolving menus at both Café Natsu Joo Chiat and Orchard go beyond regular brunch standards to offer versatile, comforting dishes for any time of day. To complement the fare in both outlets, Café Natsu offers a thoughtfully curated drinks list. Patrons can choose from a delightful array of options including seasonal house brewed kombuchas, their aromatic house blend coffee, and a variety of teas such as matcha, hojicha, and cold brew teas. Café Natsu also offers spritzes with refreshing options like yuzu or umeboshi and ginger, while regularly introducing seasonal specials. For those seeking a beverage with a kick, a selection of sake, wines, and beers is available to perfectly complement the menu.

Cafe Natsu Joo Chiat
283 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427537

Cafe Natsu Orchard
182 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore 239923


Images: Cafe Natsu

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