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Westward Whiskey, an elevated American whiskey, proudly announces the Singapore launch of Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask, Westward Whiskey Stout Cask and Westward Whiskey Cask Strength. The new expressions join Westward Whiskey Original on our shores in the brand’s new livery: a stunning new custom bottle design and logo that celebrates the whiskey’s provenance and indelible link to the culture, climate, and natural ingredients of the American Northwest. The launch is made possible through its partnership with La Maison du Whisky, an importing and distribution specialist renowned for its curation of the finest whisky from around the world.

Westward began in 2004 with a vision: to make a distinctive American Whiskey inspired by the American Northwest. Founder Christian Krogstad had always deeply respected the history and tradition of whiskey-making around the world, but sought to make something entirely new, and Westward Whiskey was born. There were just 30 craft distilleries in the U.S. at the time. Today, Westward, a proud leader among more than 2,200 producers, is led by Thomas Mooney, who joined the company as Founder & CEO in 2011 to fulfil a longstanding passion to be a whiskey entrepreneur. The team of creators include former brewers, winemakers and chefs whose passion and knowledge combine to create a delicious whiskey that reflects the values and culture of the American Northwest: independence, creativity, commitment to caring for the community, and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Image: Carly Diaz

“At Westward there are no shortcuts, and therein lies the beauty. We pursue perfection by raising a world-class whiskey through our long, slow, process,” said Thomas Mooney, CEO and Founder of Westward Whiskey. “We are thrilled to introduce our new whiskeys and elevated visual identity to discerning whiskey drinkers in Singapore. Our new custom bottle and design expresses the uncompromising spirit of the American Northwest and represents Westward’s meticulous devotion to our process, culture, climate and ingredients.”

Westward’s pursuit of perfection lies in the whiskey itself and not in the confines of tradition, guiding its process on building flavour every step of the way. An American Pale Ale is first brewed from scratch, using locally malted barley and ale yeast, in a slow, low temperature fermentation, before being distilled like a Single Malt, twice in custom low-reflux pot stills, transforming the flavourful ale into a robust whiskey. The next step allows time for the spirit to mature in new, heavily toasted, lightly charred American Oak barrels, accentuating the bold characteristics of their whiskey. Finally, with the belief that mingling best showcases Westward’s full spectrum of complex earthy, fruity and spicy flavours, the barrels in small batches are mingled to produce the bold signature flavour profiles.

Westward is proudly handmade by a collection of world-class distillers who draw inspiration from the region’s majestic surroundings and pursue their ambitions as artisans and whiskey makers at the Westward Whiskey Distillery in Portland, Oregon. Westward’s new visuals and packaging are a tribute to this sentiment, and the cuts and edges reflected in the bottle mirror the region’s raw beauty and dramatic mountain ranges, capturing the craftsmanship that goes into perfecting its whiskeys every day.

Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask reflects fruity notes, such as fig and apricot, with a rich malt and dark chocolate finish. The expression earned a double gold award in San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the industry’s most prestigious awards judging, in 2021.

Westward Whiskey Stout Cask presents hazelnut, honeycomb and roasted barley aromas and a milk chocolate, banana and almond toffee palate, with an oaky vanilla balanced out by hints of mint and citrus finish. Westward Whiskey Stout Cask claimed a gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020.

Westward Whiskey Cask Strength has earned recognition as the highest-rated American Single Malt, with a double gold award at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2019, and was rated as one of the Top 5 Whiskeys of 2022 by the Whisky Advocate. Westward Whiskey Cask Strength reflects toasted almond, graham cracker, and black pepper aromas. Flavours include sesame, tobacco leaf and cacao, with a honeyed, deep fiery malt finish.

Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask, Westward Whiskey Stout Cask and Westward Whiskey Cask Strength are available for purchase, along with Westward Whiskey Original, on www.whisky.sg and at several bars across the island, such as Underdog Inn, The Secret Mermaid, The Bar at 15 Stamford, and The American Club.

Images: Daniel Fowler (Header), Carly Diaz & Westward Whiskey

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