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Harboring a deep commitment to flavour enhancement to showcase the best of each ingredient, hom opens today at InterContinental Phuket Resort. Helmed by Chef Ricardo Nunes, the restaurant is a celebration of ancient fermentation processes that have unified cultures for centuries.

Exceptional Talent

Chef Ricardo Nunes – who previously worked at several Michelin-starred establishments including Potong, Belcanto and Gaggan – is a purveyor of locavorism, seasonality and curiosity. Resident Zymologist, Mateo Polanco, works closely with Chef Ricardo to further develop the intricacies of the fermentation techniques utilised across all dishes and beverages at hom.  Chef Ricardo and Mateo have a strong belief in the pursuit of perpetual improvement; this innate curiosity and passion for discovery enables the presentation of endlessly innovative menus.

“The techniques used in the hom kitchen centre around flavour elevation; we will excite curious diners by presenting ingredients in new and inspiring ways, whilst maintaining a respect for the true nature of each ingredient,” said Chef Ricardo Nunes of hom.

The hom team is guided by Restaurant Manager, Peter Lucas. Peter boasts over a decade of experience working in Michelin starred establishments; most recently he was the Restaurant Manager of Baan Tepa in Bangkok and has also worked at the likes of Restaurant Savelberg in Thailand and Ciel Blue in The Netherlands.

Innovative Techniques

Chef Ricardo develops the hom menus by first identifying viable ingredients that grow or live on the island of Phuket – proximity is key. The team then explores how ancient fermentation techniques can be used to maximise flavours, elevating the produce whilst still respecting the true nature of each ingredient.

The resulting 10-course tasting menu is well-balanced, thanks to the painstaking detail taken by the hom team. Ultimately, their goal is to surprise curious diners and encourage exploration and discovery. The hom beverage programme will seamlessly complement the food offering.

Protectors and supporters of the local environment, the hom team collaborate closely with local producers. The symbiotic relationship enables knowledge to flow in both directions, ultimately ensuring the safeguarding of local resources and prevention of overproduction.

An Ethereal Setting

The experiential journey begins as soon as guests step foot into the magical InterContinental Phuket Resort. As they journey to the breathtaking Sawan Pavillion, where hom is located, guests are regaled with stories of the resorts’ rich Himmapan past. Inside the pavilion, white and silver tones add to the heavenly feel of the venue, whilst a Monta Flower-inspired chandelier hangs overhead. Prior to departure, a curated memories bag is gifted to each guest. Thoughtful mementos encourage guests to reminisce on their hom experience.

For reservations, please visit www.hom-restaurant.com. Enquiries can be directed to info@hom-restaurant.com

For updates, please follow @homrestaurant on Instagram.

Image: InterContinental Phuket Resort

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