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Homegrown fish and crisps brand, Big Fish Small Fish, introduces an all-new brunch menu at their first cafe concept located at Suntec City Tower 3 Mall. Their brunch menu includes eight delightful dishes ranging from local favourites to western dishes that are available all day and all week. So yours truly went on a taste test and tried out as many dishes as two stomachs could.

The brunch menu items start from S$14.90 and includes coffee or tea (only hot, no iced as per our visit…so we had to ask for glasses of ice).

Cone of Fish

This dish includes Big Fish Small Fish’s signature fried breaded fish, served with crispy golden fries in a cone along with fresh salad and tar tar dip on the side. It’s not bad…but it essentially is fish and chips in a cone. Definitely the ‘safe’ dish to go for.

Big Breakfast Small Breakfast

If you’re feeling hungry, you can feast on pancakes,Big Fish Small Fish’s signature fried breaded fish, grilled chicken sausages and grilled turkey bacon, with a side of salad, honey and butter. For whatever weird reason, I preferred the smaller pieces of fried fish in the Fish Cone compared to the large fillet in this dish but it was still ok. The pancakes were a little cold, which is why the butter didn’t melt but taste-wise, it was really good and reminded me of McDonald’s hotcakes.

Loved that they chose proper chicken chipolatas as the flavour is a lot better than those that have a lot of fillers. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed the savoury sausage with a bite of the pancake that was drizzled with honey. With the side salad, this dish does feel a lot more balanced.

Goin’ Nuts Over Sweet and Savoury

As the name suggests, this dish is a mix of sweet and savoury – a triple stack of pancakes that is layered with peanut and strawberry cream, served with grilled turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, honey and butter. We highly recommend this dish! The strawberry and peanut creams were a bit too watery and therefore a little messy but the taste was really delicious and transformed the pancakes from normal to wow. Both of us preferred the peanut cream to the strawberry cream and there were a few pieces where the strawberry cream kinda overpowered the peanut cream.

I’m always biased towards a good scrambled egg and thankfully, Big Fish Small Fish didn’t let me down with their version. It was creamy enough and went really well with the bacon. The bacon also went well with the pancakes but not sure about the eggs with the pancakes. Nonetheless, a must-try!

Creamy Mushroom Croissant

This is the only vegetarian dish on the brunch menu and is self-explanatory. Creamy sautéed mushroom croissant is served with a side of tater tots and mesclun salad, and topped with seaweed. Honestly, we didn’t know how to feel about this dish. The mushrooms were very delicious but both of us felt like it would’ve been better served on pasta instead of a croissant. Was a croissant used just so that it would be more brunch than lunch?

While we love tater tots, since there already is carbs from the croissant, it seemed a bit extra. Same with the salad since there is veggie stuffed into the croissant. Perhaps chef needs to rethink the sides for this dish to make it seem more thought-through.

Others that we didn’t try

So the other dishes that we didn’t try are:

Amelie in Paris Toast – a brioche French toast coupled with grilled turkey bacon, drizzled with honey and a dash of icing sugar.

Taste of Singapore – For the local tastebuds, try the toasted brioche with chicken luncheon meat, kueh bahulu and two soft-boiled eggs along with kaya and butter spread.

All- American – Indulge in the croissant with turkey bacon, chicken ham, tater tots, scrambled eggs and mesclun salad for your meal.

The Union Jack – Take a bite off the toasted brioche with chicken bratwursts, mushrooms, turkey bacon and two sunny side-ups.

Where to try their brunch menu

Make a day out of it at this family-friendly brunch located within Tower 3 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-606 / 607, Singapore 038983.
Note that from Mondays – Fridays, the outlet opening hours are from 11 am – 9.30 pm (Last order at 9.00pm).

Whereas, on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, the outlet opens from 10 am – 9.30 pm (Last order at 9.00pm).


Big Fish Small Fish Cafe are having a promotion for diners who are ordering from the Brunch menu. From now till the 31st of March 2023, diners who order three dishes from the brunch menu will be entitled to have a fourth dish for free*.

*Note that the brunch promotion is not valid with any other ongoing promotions.
*Note that the complimentary fourth item will be deducted from the lowest-priced brunch dish within the receipt.

Images & Video: Melissa Fann

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