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As the snow thaws, a new season yields impeccable produce brimming with succulence.

At one-Michelin-starred Hamamoto, corpulent fish from the deepest waters make their way into the menu, along with other delicacies hand-picked by Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto.

The silky flesh of Amadai (tilefish) enriches a shabu shabu, while the likes of Komochi Yarrika (spear squid pregnant with roe) lend delicate flavour to a gorgeous tray of starters. This season’s gutsu-gutsu — a clay pot of steaming broth named for the sound liquid makes when it boils — features Hotaruika (firefly squid) from Toyama along with tender Takenoko (bamboo shoots) and Kinome, a minty herb, from Kyoto.

(Left to right) Sakura Masu (Cherry Trout), Yariika (Spear Squid), Sayori (Needlefish)

Throughout the years, Chef Kazu, as he is better known to friends, has forged strong ties with produce vendors in Tokyo. These abiding relationships ensure a constant supply of the freshest ingredients, all of which are brought to bear in Hamamoto’s menus.

This season, Matsubagani (male snow crabs) from Hokkaido star in Hamamoto’s best-known signature: shabu-shabu. Chef Kazu shells the crab legs at the counter before poaching their delicate flesh for mere seconds in a flavourful dashi that has been kept brewing for as long as Hamamoto has been open. Every day, Chef Kazu and his team add fresh crab shells to the broth, imbuing it with a deep, lasting savoriness.

Another irresistible signature is the Ise Ebi Sashimi (featured image), pristine raw lobster tail meat set on its shell and crowned with uni and Kaluga caviar.


At lunch, guests may enjoy the Lunch Omakase (from S$280) comprising a seasonal appetiser, seasonal dish, sushi, and dessert. Dinner is a more elaborate affair where guests can choose from the Hamamoto Classic (from S$425) or the Hamamoto Experience (from S$550).

Hamamoto takes reservations online or via WhatsApp at +65 9672 7110.

58 Tras Street
Singapore 078977


Images: Hamamoto

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