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Love is in the air this time of the year, and not just for obvious reasons such as Valentine’s Day. From 9 February, Eggslut is serving up Butcher’s Build as part of its limited-time offerings. With savory options like Butcher’s Sandwich, Chorizo Slut, Butcher’s Salad, and the luscious Berries Cheesecake Slut as a sweet treat – what’s not to love?

(Left to right) Butcher’s Salad and Butcher’s Sandwich

Rich, addictive, and oh-so-juicy, the generously seasoned smoked pork sausage chorizo is a flavor heavyweight with its smoky notes laced with hints of paprika. Now, it takes center stage at Eggslut with creations like Butcher’s Sandwich, which features a mouth-watering chorizo stew with alfalfa sprouts sitting atop a bed of soft, fluffy cage-free scrambled eggs. All this goodness comes together in a warm brioche bun, giving you a wildly comforting mix of sweetness and smokiness in one delightful bite. What makes this limited edition sandwich even better is the fact that everyone can personalize the experience for themselves. Just like all other Eggslut sandwiches, Butcher’s Sandwich is customizable, with the option of making it a Butcher’s Salad – a wholesome sub-salad – instead, or a Butcher’s Sandwich with Beef Patty, which features a succulent beef patty that brings an extra oomph to the hearty dish.

Another irresistible contender to watch out for is the Chorizo Slut. It’s like a warm hug with the aromatic chorizo stew, creaminess from both the delicious cage-free coddled egg and homemade potato puree, and to top it all off, an addictive sprinkle of chorizo bits. Served with crispy baguette slices, the Chorizo Slut boasts strong notes of peppers which add great depth to the dish.

Eggslut also introduces the Berries Cheesecake Slut. Encapsulated in a glass jar, this special is a wonderful juxtaposition of sweet and tangy, with a layer of mixed berries cream cheese that pairs perfectly with the richness of the vanilla cream cheese, sitting atop a crunchy cookie base. Of course, not forgetting the egg-like element here; a citrus sphere crowns the cheesecake base, bringing a burst of flavor to your taste buds – a fruity melody of passionfruit, banana, and mango.

All limited-time offerings are available from 9 February at Eggslut Scotts Square and Eggslut Suntec City.

Images: Eggslut Singapore

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