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Kicking off the New Year with their signature aplomb, Revolver’s team—led by Executive Chef Saurabh Udinia—has put together a selection of irresistibly spiced, fire-kissed dishes.

Bullet 8 starts strong with a new and elevated Snack Box featuring bite-sized morsels of Burrata Chaat, Sago Crab Fritter, and Wagyu Caviar Tostadas. Revolver’s always-popular Paneer, flown in weekly from Delhi, is hit with mango and habanero which provide a sweet-spicy foil to the Indian answer to cottage cheese.

Snack Box featuring Burrata Chaat, Wagyu Caviar Tostadas, and Sago Crab Fritter

What follows is a procession of fine seasonal produce from around the world, saturated with Revolver’s bold mix of spices before they are deftly cooked over the open fire grill. Think a whole Hamachi Collar, Australian Marron glazed with coriander and mint butter, New Zealand Pamu Venison Seekh cooked over the tandoor, and gorgeous crowns of Romanesco brightened by ginger and tomato.

Hamachi Collar

New Zealand Pamu Venison

Reflecting the cool of winter, this season’s Kulchettes are blanketed fondue and the deep savouriness of Goan choriz. For dessert, expect a Sea Buckthorn and Cherry Panjiri.

As always, those eschewing meat will find their own charms at Revolver. This season’s Vegetarian Menu (S$159) features the likes of Japanese Aubergine with Tamarind Mash, Purple Potatoes with Punjab Kahdi, Bombay Dew Beans Misal, and Amritsar Kulchette Fondue.

Kulchette Fondue

By day, Revolver’s five-course lunch menu ($99) offers diners a more compact but no less satisfying experience. On the lunch menu this season are Grilled Broccoli florets served with a Spiced Almond Espuma, Fresh Paneer on Goan Sambal, Corsican Seabass with Bombay Salsa, and Gruyere Kulchette with Pulled Duck.

Bullet 8 will be served from 2 January to 31 March 2023.

Lunch (5 courses), S$99++
Discovery (7 courses), S$169++
Experience (9 courses), S$229++
Vegetarian (9 courses), S$159++

Wine pairings
Classic (3 glasses), S$75++
Bougie (4 glasses), S$130++
Twisted (1 cocktail, 1 sake, 3 wines), S$150++

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