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The saying, ‘New Year, New Me’ might apply to most of us. But we can’t say the same for the packaging waste industry. In fact, in Singapore alone, it comprised a third of the 1.82 million tonnes of domestic waste disposed in 2021.

And it’s true we’ve had our fair share of anti-plastic movements. But we’ve barely moved the needle in terms of switching to sustainably-packaged products.

Why is that so? Well, aside from the hassle, 53% of Singaporeans are unwilling to purchase sustainable packaging simply because it costs more.

And Simon Lieberum, Founder and CEO of NO HARM DONE feels that the onus of shifting towards the sustainability mindset should be on corporations as much as it is on consumers.

Having moved to Singapore from Germany a decade ago, Simon noticed a problem caused by coffee capsules – the large accumulation of aluminium and plastic waste.

While washing and recycling the capsules might help, Simon knew it was unsustainable in the long-run. After all, coffee capsules are supposed to be convenient.

And that’s how NO HARM DONE is taking matters into their own hands. Their Nespresso-compatible capsules are made with a plant-based material derived from cellulose and vegetable oils, and packaged with recycled paper. Better yet, a box of NO HARM DONE’s coffee capsules cost less than a box of conventional coffee capsules.

Check out how I have my morning cuppa with No Harm Done’s Thai Iced Milk tea capsules below:

And they don’t just stop at environmental sustainability. With Kopi For A Cause, you’d be buying a cup of coffee for someone in the community, with every box of coffee capsules purchased. NO HARM DONE has partnered with The Saturday Movement, a non-profit organisation who creates spaces to befriend and nourish isolated or vulnerable elderly who live alone, by setting up a weekly food distribution service to provide coffee and conversations to them.

Additionally, NO HARM DONE is committed to creating employment opportunities for the elderly, and constantly welcomes senior members to join their team.

To date, NO HARM DONE has sold more than 100,000 boxes, with more than 50 corporate subscribers and 38% month-on-month growth in online sales. Following its recent brand revamp, the homegrown brand was rolled out in Cold Storage stores islandwide, with plans to expand to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong this year.

To find out more about No Harm Done or to purchase, please visit their website

Image: No Harm Done
Video: The Wellness Insider

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