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Last week, Korean Strawberry Export Integration Organization (K-Berry) and Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation presented a showcase of at least four varieties of Tina Berry premium strawberries to 80 show attendees including Singapore buyers and members of the media at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Tina Berry premium strawberries are the top 3% to 5% of the best quality fruit produced by strawberry-producing farms in Korea. The Tina Berry brand was created and launched in 2021 as part of K-Berry’s efforts to promote and strengthen the branding of premium quality Korean strawberries.

Known as the King of Winter Fruits, Korea’s strawberries are in season from December to April. This season, berry lovers in Singapore can look forward to the introduction of new varieties of Tina Berry premium strawberries.

“At our Premium Korean Strawberry launch show held today, many Singapore buyers have shown an interest to import these Tina Berry premium strawberries and we expect them to be sold at various locations throughout Singapore,” said Mr. Seo Hyunwoo, CEO of Korean Strawberry Export Integration Organization (K-Berry).

He added, “Korean strawberries are well known for being very sweet, with a fragrant aroma and tender texture. We are proud to introduce Tina Berry Altaking, Highberry, Kuemsil and Snowberry premium strawberries to Singapore consumers – whether they are connoisseurs or new to premium Korean strawberries.”

“Korean strawberries are currently the number one, top-selling strawberry in Singapore. This has made Singapore the second largest export destination for South Korean strawberries.”

Tina Berry premium strawberries offer the following guarantees:

  • The grade of maturity is more than 90%
  • The sugar content is more than 12 brix
  • Consistency in shape and size

With this launch, the following four types of Tina Berry premium strawberries are introduced into the Singapore market:

1. Altaking Strawberry

This large-sized strawberry has the fragrance of a peach, with a high degree of firmness and a beautifully balanced solid-acid ratio.

2. Highberry Strawberry

This cone-shaped strawberry has a brilliant scarlet colour, with firm and hard skin that contrasts with its soft texture and good flavour that melts in the mouth like cotton candy.

3. Kuemsil Strawberry

This firm strawberry has a small cone shape with excellent hardness. It has a distinct sweet taste and strong fragrance, with a hint of peach.

4. Snowberry (white berry) Strawberry

With a pink skin, round shape and a soft texture, the Snowberry is so-called as it looks like it is snow-covered and is like eating snow.

Korea is currently ranked 7th globally in strawberry exports, and its strawberries are exported to 26 countries around the world¹.

Korean strawberries are the number one, most popular strawberry in Singapore. According to the ITC Trade Map for 2021, 39% of the strawberries that Singapore imported were from Korea alone. This is valued at USD 15 million. In the same year, total strawberry imports to Singapore from other countries including USA and Australia were valued at USD 38 million.

Said Mr. Seo Hyunwoo, “As Korean strawberries have successfully become the top choice of strawberries in the Singapore mass market, our aim now is to market Tina Berry premium strawberries to the high-end market,”

“Korean strawberries have catered to the diverse tastebuds of a global audience due to new cultivation approaches. The collaboration between strawberry producers and exporters working together allows Korean strawberries to be exported globally, through improved strawberry nursery and cultivation management, technical education and the advanced technology to maintain the freshness of the fruit.”

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Images: Korean Strawberry Export Integration Organization (K-Berry)

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