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If you’re a girly girl and love the colour pink as well as cooking, I’m sure you’ll be squealing along with me when you look at Cosmic Cookware’s new Pink Berry range! It mixes aesthetics with functionality and the collection is so cute that it is perfect for the holidays when your dishes go from kitchen to the table. So…even if you’re not into the pink but you do know a home cook who is, the Pink Berry cookware collection makes a great Christmas gift too!

The glam Pink Berry cookware collection is made using a natural ceramic compound that’s free of harmful chemicals and toxins, even when exposed to extreme heat. Not only are Cosmic products made without materials such as TEFLON (PTFE), PFOA, Cadmium, Lead and other “forever chemicals”, each cookware is coated with Swiss-certified ILAG ceramic coating that’s guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-stick.

This limited edition collection includes a mix of their bestsellers like the Cosmo Pan, Cosmo Casserole and Cosmo Fry, alongside kitchen accessories such as the Cosmo Utensil Set, Cosmo Oven Mitt and Cosmic Grocery Bag, all in the shade of Pink Berry. Cheers to that!

I can’t wait to get my hands on a set and I will be checking out all the cookware sets and individual pans at their website

Images: Cosmic Cookware

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