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LOUIS XIII, one of the world’s most prestigious cognacs, unveils its newest product innovation to Singapore: THE DROP, a luxurious collection of five 1cl bottles filled with the pristine LOUIS XIII Cognac blend.

With the launch of THE DROP, the vision is for LOUIS XIII to become an icon for a new generation that is always on the move, spontaneous, playful and enjoys making things their own. THE DROP is designed for the new connoisseurs, digital natives, and life-fulfillers that praise their tribes, claim the world for themselves, and seize the moment together. As a group, they spontaneously reinvent luxury codes through ownership, creating their own distinct ‘art-de-vivre’.

THE DROP stands at the crossroads of the LOUIS XIII visionary brand statement – Think a Century Ahead. You can discover and purchase this innovative item and associated accessories to make the world, the moment, and THE DROP yours, exclusively at a unique LOUIS XIII pop-up, which will run for four weeks from 3 December at Design Orchard, Orchard Road.

With THE DROP, the new generation is entrusted with the essence of LOUIS XIII in its purest form. Each bottle contains 1cl of the pristine LOUIS XIII Cognac blend. Available individually or in an exclusive box of five bottles, each of THE DROP reflects a spontaneous mood and mindset: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright. The new generation is invited to pick a bottle that best resonates with them, then live the experience with their tribe – whenever and wherever they are. THE DROP’s bottle case is customisable with initials and can be carried with lanyards in different colours, so that they can choose the best fit for their mood. THE DROP is all you need to fully enjoy LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Celebrating the launch of THE DROP, LOUIS XIII is proud to present its first-ever immersive retail experience in Southeast Asia in the heart of the fashion hub in Singapore, Orchard Road. From Saturday 3 December 2022 to Sunday 1 January 2023, guests will be invited to immerse themselves into the LOUIS XIII THE DROP universe with interactive augmented reality experiences and crafting stations featuring engraving and leather embossing services.

The must-visit activation will be at Design Orchard during the busy festive season, and the full Louis XIII range will be available for purchase, from the 70 cl Decanter to the very rare 6 L Mathusalem. For the first time in Southeast Asia, there will also be gifting and service items for purchase, such as the LOUIS XIII crystal glass, service tray and crystal spear.

Recognised as tribe leaders within their fields, two local artists have been engaged as brand ambassadors for THE DROP to create their interpretations of #MakeItYours. Singaporean dance duo ScRach MarcS will be hosting live performances for guests to enjoy on 9 and 16 December, while a mural by celebrated street artist Tobyato will be showcased at the pop-up.

“We are proud to be bringing this visionary product to Singapore,” said Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO Maison Rémy Martin. “LOUIS XIII is avant-garde in addressing a new generation with the launch of THE DROP, the first nomadic accessory that you can take with you wherever and whenever you want.”

THE DROP has the same unique aromatic and flavour profiles as the first release of LOUIS XIII Cognac, created in 1874. The signature characteristics of LOUIS XIII are recreated each year using a blend of different eaux-de-vie. These eaux-de-vie are made using grapes grown and harvested in Grande Champagne terroir – the exceptional terroir in Cognac region in France, which defines LOUIS XIII – before being set aside to age in casks in the cellars.

encapsulates an innate mindset of spontaneous appropriation.
Make the world, the moment, and THE DROP yours.

THE DROP is not an accessory, it is a statement.

THE DROP is not fast luxury, it is timeless.

THE DROP is not static, it is nomadic.

THE DROP is not anchored, it is spontaneously yours.

Images: Maison Rémy Martin

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