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Love coffee and want to learn more about what it takes to create that perfect cup? Kick-start your coffee education or further hone your skills in a fun, engaging environment with renowned coffee experts from the Barista Academy by Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR), as they impart their knowledge, skills and experience over intimately designed workshops that are tailored to every individual’s skill level and interest – from basic to advanced level courses.

First established as part of the iconic Martin Road cafe, the CMCR Barista Academy started as a venue to train industry professionals, service wholesale clients and as a platform to share knowledge and expertise. Gradually, due to the strong demand from customers and the brand’s following, the Academy began offering classes to the public in 2015, with the hopes of raising coffee appreciation and elevating the coffee scene in Singapore. In 2019, the success and demand birthed the dedicated space, which is now known as the Barista Academy in Chin Swee Road. The spacious and industrial-style space is designed to accommodate a comfortable, small class of eight to allow for plenty of one-on-one interaction with the trainer.

Introduction to CMCR’s Coffee Academy classes

Students can choose from nine different classes designed to nurture baristas from the ground up by offering bite-sized and easy to understand workshops. To cater towards busy schedules, the academy offers up to 20 sessions every week, which can be booked online. Each holistic training programme combines a good mix of theory and hands-on practice, carefully structured to ensure suitability for every aspiring barista – from beginner coffee lovers to advanced enthusiasts, and students can choose to build their sessions over time to hone their interests as they progress.

The Essential Coffee Knowledge (S$50/1.5h) class is a perfect starter kit for new baristas looking to venture into the world of Speciality Coffee, providing a comprehensive overview of how coffee is grown and processed, and the unique characteristics of coffee. For all aspiring baristas, the Fundamental Barista Skills (S$170/2.5h) covers everything from how to pull great shots of espresso, to mastering proper milk frothing techniques. Attendees will be able to produce a delicious cup of coffee with basic latte art at the end of the course.

For the ones who wish to learn fancy latte art to impress or simply love getting creative with designs on lattes, Fundamentals of Latte Art (S$170/2.5h) offers an understanding of proper technique in milk aerating and texturing, and how to create basic latte art designs. After the foundation course, go one step further and complete the Advanced Latte Art (S$190/2.5h) to focus on more elegant and intricate designs.

Home-brewers and professional baristas can consider the Fundamentals of Pour-over Brewing (S$150/2h) or Fundamentals of Immersion Brewing (S$150/2h) as both workshops introduce Filter Coffee, detailing the differences between Pour-over and Immersion brews. The courses provide guidance across the various Brewing Techniques and offer Quality Evaluation Training.

To find out more about their Barista Academy, do visit their website

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