Trouble Brewing Launches Joe’s Singapore Seltzer: Singapore’s First Locally-Brewed Hard Seltzer

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Introducing Joe’s Singapore Seltzer, the first-ever locally-brewed hard seltzer, launched today by local independent brewery Trouble Brewing. Available in three delicious, all-natural flavours – Lime, Peach, and Grapefruit – this innovative collection of premium hard seltzers has been created to bring Singapore a hard seltzer of its own that not only tastes incredible, but also caters to people’s needs for more low-calorie beverage options.

Unlike other hard seltzers available in Singapore, Joe’s is brewed and fermented with champagne yeast and 100% organic Blue Weber agave – a plant-based sweetener with low glycaemic index sourced directly from Mexico. Through a thorough brewing process, Joe’s Seltzer is fermented to 4.8% ABV – similar to a beer – while remaining sugar-free and enhanced with all-natural flavour extracts for an authentic fruity, tropical taste.

Each 330ml bottle is also gluten-free and just 94kcal, making it suitable for everyone, any occasion, and time of day!

A convergence of convenience and health

Hard seltzer has exploded in popularity across the US in recent years, as consumers increasingly look towards beverages with a refreshing taste and healthier profile. Australia has seen a similar uptick in hard seltzer fans, and APAC is seen as a potential high growth market.

“Over the past two years, we have seen consumers take more action around their overall health and wellness, searching for beverages that taste refreshing and provide healthier options. The appeal of hard seltzer lies in its low content of carbohydrates, sugar and calories, while maintaining a similar strength to a beer, and Joe’s Seltzer is the perfect answer to that need,” says Joseph Barratt, CEO of Trouble Brewing.

A versatile beverage for all social occasions and cuisines

The three flavours of Joe’s Seltzer – Lime, Peach and Grapefruit – have been developed to perfectly complement the vibrant food scene and hot weather of Singapore. The subtle all-natural flavours make each drink extremely versatile to accompany any snack, dish or meal. For an optimal pairing, citrus flavours like Joe’s Seltzer’s Lime or Grapefruit are great alongside dishes that need a hint of zest – such as salads, seafood and cheese – while the tropical Peach flavour is perfect with equally tropical and intense dishes, such as those found across a range of Asian cuisine. And of course, all three are the perfect crowd-pleasing beverage to bring to any party, barbecue or poolside hangout.

“Throughout our soft launch phase, Joe’s Seltzer has been available at a few key events around Singapore, has garnered extremely positive feedback and high performance, such as Singapore-based party collective Ice Cream Sundays, and our bar at the Padang over the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend,” says Barratt.

“Bringing Joe’s Seltzer to life has been a real labour of love – from managing production throughout the pandemic, to manufacturing our product in-house after struggling to find a supplier that matched our expected levels of quality, affordability and production capacity. Joe’s Seltzer broadens Trouble Brewing’s range of locally-made products, which includes our range of sessionable craft beers and ready-to-pour Temple Street Cocktails. We are excited and proud to have brewed Singapore’s first locally-made hard seltzer.”

Joe’s Seltzer retails at a promotional price of S$96.00 for a case (24 bottles) with the option for a mixed case to try each flavour. Joe’s Seltzer can be delivered direct to your door with same-day island-wide delivery on all orders placed before 5pm (Sun-Weds) and 7pm (Thurs-Sat). Delivery is free for orders above $60. Find out more at

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