The Kettle Gourmet launches YUMI, a new range of corn stick snacks!

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Singapore-based F&B startup, The Kettle Gourmet is launching their new range of corn stick snacks – YUMI, in Singapore in 3 flavours – original, cheese, and chicken. Pre-orders are open for YUMI on The Kettle Gourmet’s site and will be available in Singapore at leading online and physical retailers on 20 October.

Founder and CEO of The Kettle Gourmet, Zac Chua has seen success in the past few years since he started the company in 2017 with less than $100 to make quality popcorn. Wanting to explore the possibilities of snacks beyond popcorn, Zac drew upon fond memories of childhood snacks. The recollection of the corn sticks he used to enjoy in Primary school sparked the inspiration for YUMI.

YUMI stems from a name of Japanese origin that means reason, cause, friend, or beautiful. The pronunciation of YUMI also borrows from the Mandarin characters, “玉米” which translates to corn.

The initial batch of YUMI flavours – original, cheese, and chicken, have been refined in development and chosen from their proven track record. With a working product, Zac reached out to his existing network and international partners to get the first taste of YUMI.

The corn stick snacks proved a hit and have already gained significant traction overseas. By September, the snack has been exported to China, Thailand, and Mauritius, and ongoing discussions of entering the Taiwanese market are underway.

As Singapore opens up and the workforce starts frequenting the office more often, Zac believes that YUMI has the potential to be a mainstay in office pantries.

“In the bustle through our busy days, it is important to take a break and smell the roses. A good snack and the simple joys in life can bring people together. As life returns to normal, I wish to see people enjoy YUMI together as a snack and as the ideal gift to their loved ones.” Said Zac, sharing his aspirations for his new snack.

YUMI will be available in leading physical and online outlets such as Fairprice Finest, Lazada, Shopee, Grabfood, FoodPanda, Redmart, and Qoo10, and is currently open for pre-orders The Kettle Gourmet’s site. YUMI retails for a pack of 20 sticks at S$5.90 or 6 packs at S$35.

Moving forward, Zac and his team will be working on porting their renditions of local flavours from their popcorn snacks which have represented Singapore at the Dubai 2020 World Expo to critical acclaim. In the near future, customers can enjoy bestselling flavours such as “Nasi Lemak”, and “Kaya Butter Toast” with their YUMI experience.

Images: The Kettle Gourmet

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