Anna’s, a sourdough-forward cafe and retail space launched in October, offers the goodness of probiotics through delicious, nourishing meals that are as good for the body as much as the soul.

The forward-thinking lifestyle destination is located in the heart of Punggol, and is named after owner Anna Lim, who is also the founder of Singapore’s largest soup brand, The Soup Spoon.

Anna’s incorporates the life-giving benefits of sourdough through its entire menu of breads, savoury and sweet bakes and even pasta, as well as its retail selection to celebrate all that is nourishing, comforting and holistic.

The concept was born at the height of the pandemic. As Singapore fell into a hush during the Circuit Breaker period, Anna sought solace in the familiarity of the kitchen. She may have stayed in the confines of her home; but her sojourns into sourdough-making brought her to a healthier place, both physically and mentally.

Her enthusiasm has translated into a generous menu of hearty and healthy dishes. Highlights include the Forest Forager Sourdough Pizza topped with maitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, truffle cheese sauce, Parmesan cheese and arugula. Anna’s personal favourite is the Crab and Mozza Sourdough Pizza, crafted with kaffir lime aioli, mango, chilli, crab meat, mozzarella cheese and coriander.

Those with a penchant for spice can tuck into the Red Sea Prawn Aglio Olio, made with fresh sourdough pasta, chilli padi and prawns while the Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Gnocchi will be a tamer, yet comforting option.

All sourdough loaves are baked daily using freshly milled flour. These include Anna’s House Sourdough made with house botanical blend of over 10 botanicals and ancient grains, and the classic 100% Whole Wheat, along with flavoured loaves such as the Housemade Kimcheese and Chocolate Rye.

There are also sourdough sweets or pastries, made with 100% wholegrain spelt flour, honey, jaggery sugar, dark brown sugar and sourdough starter. Tuck into Sourdough Bombolinis filled with zesty lemon and passionfruit crème patissiere, or a fragrant slice of Earl Grey Fig with Honey Specialty Cake.

If you fancy something luscious, go for Sourdough Chocolate Cherry Rye Pudding. Savour these with specialty coffee roasted exclusively for Anna’s — a dark roast blend from Columbia, Brazil, Sumatra and Guatemala with chocolatey and cherry notes, selected for its high polyphenol content and a flavour profile that complements the fuller flavour of the sourdough loaves.

The beverage menu at Anna’s has been elevated with sourdough as well. Sip on iced SouperFizz drinks, made with berries and tea — an ambrosial cooler perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather, or try SouperSmoothies which have added sourdough starter to help prevent bloating.

Anna’s is located at 681 Punggol Drive, #01-04, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681.

Images: Anna’s

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