If you’re a huge fan of Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll, you definitely have to visit the Cinnamoroll Cafe at Orchard Central!

From the outside to the inside, it’s really a Cinnamoroll heaven. The café has huge Cinnamoroll wallpapers pasted from the outside to the inside, which is great for selfies and group photos (cue those Instagram Stories!). There are also huge Cinnamoroll plushies for you to hug as you dine and take pictures as well.

The mains dishes were quite innovative and cute too! We had the Fluffy Dreamland Japanese Seafood Curry Rice (S$28.90), Let’s Fly Cinnamoroll Japanese Salmon Croquette Cream Rice (S$26.90) and Fun with Friends Cold Udon with Sesame Sauce and Assorted Tempura (S$26.90). In general, the food was normal tasting but the Cinnamoroll made using the japanese rice really looked like Cinnamoroll!

For drinks, we tried the Floaty Cloud Vanilla Frappe (S$13.90), Sweet Heart Iced Chocolate (S$12.90) and Cinnamoroll Hot Chocolate (S$11.90). Again, there was nothing very outstanding about the drinks, but the colour of the Vanilla Frappe really complemented the colour theme of the café and of course, Cinnamoroll!

However, it was disappointing that all the desserts were unavailable. In addition, the updated menu was not readily accessible.

Furthermore, it’s also important to note that once you book through their link, you have to turn up, or you will be charged a fee (depending on how many pax you booked for). Because they are understaffed, they do not respond to calls or texts from the contact number on their Facebook page.

Currently, this is the link for their most updated menu, but be sure to check out their Instagram for more updates.

Overall, it was an interesting and exciting experience, but the meal broke was expensive. I spent a total of S$221.50 on 5 mains and 5 drinks (so that’s about slightly more than S$40/pax), about twice the amount I would usually spend in a normal restaurant. Nonetheless, you’re paying for the experience of being in a themed café while eating all the cute Cinnamoroll goodies!

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page if you’re interested in going to the cafe!

Images: Goh Rui Ting

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