With the unveiling of the 2022 ranking of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, it’s clear that you can find exceptional chefs and phenomenal restaurants around the world. From glamorous spots frequented by the who’s who of society to homely family-run restaurants where they know their regulars by name, you’ll find a bevy of exciting restaurants in every city.

Here, we’ve curated some of the world’s top culinary destinations – places that are home to award-winning establishments and thriving local food scenes that are worth planning entire trips around. And if you’re looking to embark on an intrepid journey to some of the best restaurants in the world – and discover some well-kept culinary secrets along the way – Scott Dunn’s team of travel experts are well-equipped to get you started.

Explore ancient civilisations and locally-sourced food in Peru

See ancient Machu Pichu, or the Rainbow Mountain at Vinicunca in Peru

Think of Peru and several scenes come to mind: Incredible ancient ruins, stunning rainforests, and perhaps serene llamas and alpacas grazing atop sprawling mountain vistas. The region is also home to a vibrant and modern gourmet scene; Peru is now widely considered the gourmet capital of Latin America. This year’s 2nd placed restaurant on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is Central, a sustainable restaurant located in the hip Miraflores district of the country’s capital city of Lima. With a strong focus on Peruvian heritage and biodiverse cuisine, Central offers seafood fresh from the coast and the Amazon, along with pork belly and goat’s neck from the country’s Sacred Valley. Also on the list is Maido – a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant coming in at 11th place – and Mayta, which features a 12-course tasting menu focused on Peruvian ingredients and an inventive cocktail menu.

Scott Dunn’s Epic Peru itinerary certainly lives up to its name. Beyond exploring locations like the ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu and the remote wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest, guests will also get the opportunity to meet local vendors and sample a wide array of tasty morsels in Lima’s markets. Another highlight is a stay at Hotel Sol y Luna, an intimate property tucked away in the Sacred Valley: There, guests will stay in their own plush casita and savour delicious barbeque spreads along with authentic Novo-Andean cuisine.

Visit mighty fjords and indulge in Michelin-starred cuisine in Scandinavia

Visit the mighty Husfjellet in Senja, Norway, and sample fresh local seafood in the region

When it comes to gourmet destinations, Scandinavia is often overlooked as a major contender. But in recent years, the region has become something of a darling among critics and gourmets alike: Last year, Copenhagen claimed the top two spots on the 50 Best list, thanks to culinary stalwart Noma, who came in first on that year’s list, along with Geranium – the country’s first-ever restaurant to receive three Michelin stars – in second. This year’s list sees Geranium take the top spot, paving the way for newcomers like Alchemist, positioned at 18th place, and Jordnær at 38th place. Copenhagen’s neighbours have plenty to boast about, too. This year, Stockholm’s futuristic, über-imaginative Frantzén (the sister restaurant of Singapore’s own Zén) made the cut at 25th place.

In Scott Dunn’s Exceptional Scandinavian Cities itinerary, you’ll get to experience some of the best that the region has to offer: Aside from soaking in the stunning natural landscapes and beautiful architecture, guests will also be treated to meals at award-winning restaurants and hidden gems that have shaped Scandinavia into the gourmet destination that it is today.

Dive into the buzz of Japan’s vibrant nightlife and food scene

Dive into Japan’s vibrant nightlife in areas like Shibuya, and sample authentic local cuisine

Japan is well-represented on this year’s list, with a total of four restaurants across the country making it into the top 50. Each of the winners exemplifies a different aspect of Japan’s diverse culture and culinary creativity. Take Den – coming in at number 20 as the highest ranking restaurant in Asia on the list – for example. Helmed by the charismatic chef Zaiyu Hasegawa, has been a firm favourite of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants since its debut in 2016. While firmly rooted in the framework of kaiseki, Japan’s hyper-seasonal dining tradition, Hasegawa’s menus draw inspiration from all quarters.

Japan is also famed for its regional cuisines and cooking styles, something you’ll get to experience on Scott Dunn’s Epic Japan Tour itinerary. Aside from stops at hidden izakayas tucked away in back streets, and elaborate, multi-course meals prepared using traditional techniques and local ingredients, this itinerary also covers some of Japan’s most mesmerising natural scenery and exciting nightlife; sake and whiskey drinkers will especially appreciate the many private, behind-the-scenes tours included in the tour.

Discover Spain’s most beloved – and most well-hidden – gourmet spots

Visit wineries in Basque Country, or feast on fresh seafood in Spain’s various coastal cities

Few destinations are as iconic as Spain when it comes to food, and this year’s 50 Best list reflects just that. Spain takes six spots this year, with three restaurants in the top 10: Barcelona’s Disfrutar ranked the highest at 3rd on the list, and was described by judges as “one of the most delicious, surprising and boundary-pushing gastronomic experiences in the world”. Following closely behind is 4th placed DiverXO in Madrid, lovingly billed as a “wacky wonderland” of a restaurant. But this year’s list also takes pains to highlight outstanding restaurants beyond the two popular cities, such as Dénia’s Quique Dacosta, which features architecturally-inspired dishes focused on fish.

The region boasts of an extensive coastline, colourful culture and fabulous food – think of rolling vineyards in Basque Country, or the white-walled buildings in seaside towns like Dénia. Taste your way through the region with Scott Dunn’s tantalising Gourmet Basque Country itinerary, where the team’s seasoned travel experts will reveal their best-kept secrets, including boutique hotels and restaurants only the locals are privy to: Think artisanal pintxos and Michelin-starred meals in San Sebastian, to delicious wines and delectable seafood in La Rioja.

With insider knowledge and local connections, Scott Dunn’s intrepid team of travel experts each have their own personal little black book packed with information on all the hidden culinary gems of any city. They’re always on hand to recommend the perfect restaurant, and to reserve the best spots for you – so you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

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