When it comes to leftovers, we Asians tend to think about congee (rice porridge) or noodles to dump said leftovers into. However, as a Singaporean, we have access to frozen roti prata…so why not do a bit of fusion and create something that’s delicious and quick to assemble?

What you’ll need:
Shredded rotisserie chicken (or roasted chicken/duck/pork)
1 pc frozen roti prata
1 slice of cheese (I used Harvarti but use your favourite cheese)
Black pepper to taste

It really is so simple to make as seen in my video below:

Do note that you can brush a little bit of eggwash before popping the pasty into the air fryer to give it a nice golden brown crust but this step is completely optional.

Don’t overstuff your prata unless you want it to be impossible to wrap and then you’ll end up having to use another piece of prata and turning it into a pie. The pie option might be a good idea if you DO want to add in more ingredients such as tomato sauce or mixed vegetables.

Simply experiment and tell me in the comments below on what was your favourite mix of ingredients!

Image and video: Melissa Fann

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