Tyson Foods has just launched a new selection of chicken dishes: Honey BBQ Fried Chicken, Paprika Fried Chicken, Mala Fried Chicken, Applewood BBQ Chicken and Roasted Teriyaki Chicken. Each flavour is simply delicious, convenient, and bound to satisfy cravings all-day, everyday. These tantalising Tyson treats are currently available at all major supermarkets and online retailers, with a promotional price of up to 25% off any purchase from now till 31st Oct 2022.

All of Tyson’s fried chicken products are made using their signature triple coating technology and secret recipes, creating maximum crunchiness on the outside whilst staying amazingly juicy on the inside – Truly the best of both worlds! Decked with vibrant and savoury flavours, Tyson’s chicken offerings are tasty and easy to whip up at home in just minutes. Air fry, microwave, or deep fry them, these treats are a delightful household staple to have and share with friends and family.

Tear it, fry it and crunch it – One Bite Says It All!

Of course, Tyson still has their best-selling products such as: Chicken Karaage and Grilled Tender Chicken.

To learn more about Tyson Foods, do visit their website www.tysonfoods.com.

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