Homegrown craft beer brewery, Pink Blossoms Brewing, will be driving an all-new beer experience in Singapore with the launch of its first ever BeerTruck, running from 5th September till 4th December. Pink Blossoms will be bringing signature brews from their brewery in Ubi to beer lovers in central Singapore. Visitors can enjoy freshly tapped, ice-cold Pink Blossoms signature brews for a midday or after work pick-me-up, right at their office’s doorstep.

A mobile taproom that brings the Pink Blossoms experience straight to the CBD, the Pink Blossoms BeerTruck will be traveling to Capital Tower (Mondays and Wednesdays), Ocean Financial Centre (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and The Promontory @ Marina Bay (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

(L-R) Pink Blossoms’ Flagship Beer – Lean on Me and Happy Together

“Brewing our beers in Singapore reduces the time the beers spend on sea. This helps us preserve delicate flavours which are sometimes lost over time. As locals, we understand the nuances of Singaporeans’ palates and have applied that understanding to the brewing of our beers.” says Mr. Teo Hong Han, Founder and Brewer at Pink Blossoms. “To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we are bringing our beers to the office crowd in central Singapore. We have curated a selection of our signature brews which are popular amongst Singaporeans. To get a taste of Pink Blossoms, look out for the black truck with pink neon lights!”

On tap will be a selection of Pink Blossoms’ beloved flagship beers, including Lean on Me (ABV 5.5%)—a refreshing New England Pale Ale, high in citrus and stone fruit hop aromas; Hundred Years (ABV 5.5%)—a unique full-bodied ‘milk stout’ with espresso and chocolate flavours; and Don’t Stop Believing (ABV 6.8% )—a double dry hopped New England IPA that gives a burst of fruity flavours and moderately-low bitterness.

The BeerTruck will also feature seasonal beers. At launch, these will include Happy Together (ABV 6.5%)—a fruit ale brewed with plenty of watermelons; as well as Let It Be–Diana (ABV 7.8%)—a light-bodied Rice IPA with notes of citrus and stone fruit. Other featured beers include the Mixed Berries Sour (ABV 4.5%), and two varieties of Oktoberfest Lager (ABV 6.0%)—one traditional Marzen and a contemporary Festbier.

Brewed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans, visitors can get their hands on a fresh pint during or after work by making a trip to Pink Blossom’s BeerTruck. Cheers to Singapore’s first craft beer truck!

Images: Ian Tan/Pink Blossoms Brewing

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