In the lead up to NDP 2022 and all things Singaporean, Subway Singapore celebrates with an ode to its longest running Italian B.M.T.™ sub and a host of exciting activities! Alongside the classic rendition, two upgraded versions of the iconic B.M.T sub will also be available. Cheese lovers in Singapore can look forward to the B.M.T Double Cheese featuring delicious melt-in-your-mouth cheese, while meat lovers will love the  B.M.T Plus which comes with an extra scoop of avocado and an additional bacon strip. 


Originally named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit system, the fan-favorite Italian B.M.T.™ now stands for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”. An old school staple of Italian-American cuisine that has been on Subway’s menu since 1975. Since then, it has become an iconic signature menu item for Subway across the globe. 

In a food loving nation like Singapore, the Italian B.M.T.™ has undergone its fair share of tweaks over the years, to appeal to local taste buds and preferences while still maintaining its delicious flavour. The popular combination consisting of beef pepperoni, beef salami and chicken ham is a much loved sub across all Subway restaurants in Singapore. 


Packaged between freshly baked bread alongside plentiful crunchy greens and gooey cheese, the Italian B.M.T.™’s perfect trio of classic deli cut cured meats brings out different textures on every bite. While customisable, the recommended pairing for B.M.T is Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Mixed Pepper and Onions coupled with  Chipotle Southwest or BBQ.

“Having been the all-time favourite since 1975, the Italian B.M.T is a classic Subway icon that has withstood the test of time. Till today, it continues to be a popular choice on our menu in Singapore. At Subway, it matters most to understand the preferences of our local markets so we can enhance our menu accordingly. This not only elevates our guests’ experience but allows us to continue offering craveable options to all,” said Samad Mohd Shariff, Country Director, Subway, South East Asia.

Delighting our guests with flavourful options has been our ultimate goal and we’re excited to share ungraded versions of our classics to celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday,” he added.

Available in as a sub, salad or wrap, the varying B.M.T options will be available at all Subway Singapore restaurants from 29th June, and available on delivery platforms GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo from 6th July. 

Prices are as listed: 

  • Italian B.M.T.™ sub starts from $7 for a 6-inch; $11 for a footlong 
  • B.M.T Plus sub starts from $7.90 for a 6-inch; $12.90 for a footlong 
  • B.M.T Double Cheese sub starts from $7.90 for a 6-inch; $12.90 for a footlong 

In line with the celebrations, the focus on Italian B.M.T™ this National Day, aligns with Subway’s latest “What’s Your B.M.T” campaign, which asks guests in Singapore to explore and discover the meaning behind their own interpretation of B.M.T. Guests can look forward to exciting activities over the next two months, from participating in Subway’s Beat My Track Record Challenge that encourages an active lifestyle, to the very first Subway Museum in the world.

Images: Subway Singapore

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