If you’re anti-sugar/carbs but still have a sweet tooth, fret not as Seriously Keto has opened their new flagship store on Seah Street. Their new store is a lifestyle space for both foodies and health-conscious individuals looking for gourmet foods, snacks and desserts that are both delicious and have no added sugar.

With its official opening on 15 July, this marks Singapore’s first fully ketogenic hub with Seriously Keto as a one-stop shop for healthy and delectable alternatives, having expanded their offerings to include savoury dishes and plated desserts.

“As one of Singapore’s pioneer keto-friendly bakeries, Seriously Keto was built on a passion to support people who are living healthier, sugar-free and low-carb lifestyles. We’ve noticed that more Singaporeans are now placing a greater priority on health and wellness, and we have spent the past year embarking on a brand evolution to meet that need,” Janti Joso Brasali, Founder of Seriously Keto, shares. “After rigorous research and product testing, we are proud to present our new flagship cafe-bakery, offering a warm and comfortable environment for the community to hang out and enjoy baked goods that are perfect for indulging in without any guilt.”

For the opening menu, the team has specially created savoury dishes such as the Cheese Bagel with Smoked Salmon (S$12.50++); the zero-carb dish features a low- calorie cheese bagel, layered with savoury dill and caper cream, and generous slices of smoked salmon, which is high in protein and healthy fats. The Sausage and Bread Casserole (S$14.80++) is Seriously Keto’s spin on a classic savoury bread pudding. A moreish dish that is rich and creamy without being heavy, the moist casserole has a wholesome base of signature KetoBuns, dotted with pan-seared lamb merguez sausage, mixed with spiced cream and sliced onions.

Perfect options for summer soirees or hot afternoons, Seriously Keto fans will be glad to know that the brand’s signature low-sugar desserts such as the Tiramisu (S$12.80++), Pandan Cupcake (S$6.30++) and Matcha Crepe Cake (S$13.80++ per slice, S$115++ for a 20cm whole cake) remain on the menu. New to the menu is theBlissful Berries Cupcake (S$6.30++), a miraculously low sugar treat that is bursting with flavour — infused with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.’s blend of berry tea, while the returning favourite Lemon Cupcake (S$6.30++) is the perfect combination of light lemon buttercream, moist cake and a dash of lemon zest. All desserts are low carb with no added sugar.

Satisfying sweet cravings with healthy ingredients and sugar substitutes made from natural ingredients, Seriously Keto also presents a rotation of plated desserts. The Blackberry Sorbet with Meringue Kisses (S$12.80++) is a light, airy dessert topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and a mixed berries sauce while the molten Chocolate Lava Cake with Caramel Ice Cream (S$12.50++) is a decadent treat, made with 100% dark chocolate, topped with biscuit crumble and a creamy caramel ice cream. Diners can pair their indulgent dishes, bakes and desserts with original beverages such as the Thai Milk Tea Jelly (S$6.80++) as well as a comprehensive coffee and tea menu that includes the keto-friendly Bulletproof Coffee (S$7.50++), containing healthy fats and butter.

Conveniently located within the City Hall district, Seriously Keto’s new 18-seater cafe- bakery was redesigned to a stylish and contemporary aesthetic, with a cosy and intimate indoor seating area that allows for quiet afternoons with friends and family.

Seriously Keto
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 10.30am to 6.30pm
Tel. no.: +65 9838 4047

Website: www.seriouslyketo.com

Images: Seriously Keto

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