Paris Baguette has opened its first café-retail concept store at Raffles City featuring an all-day breakfast menu with a proprietary Teatra range on display and on sale for the first time. They also feature tea-infused, handcrafted beverages and desserts!

We were lucky to be invited for a media tasting where we got to enjoy their scrumptious spread and refreshing teas. As usual, we are 100% honest in our reviews so rest assured that there are no biases!

PB Big Breakfast

PB Big Breakfast

The star of the PB Big Breakfast was the creamy scrambled eggs for me. They were fluffy and light and gave a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It was the perfect combination of natural yeast bread with a spread of cream cheese. The baked potatoes were also surprisingly outstanding. They were well-seasoned and of the appropriate crisp texture on the outside, but soft on the inside. However, I felt that the salad dressing was a little too citrusy, a stark contrast to the salty-sweet creamy texture of the other ingredients. However, some may like the tartness as a contrast as well.

Bresaola (Beef Ham) Eggs Benedict

Bresaola (Beef Ham) Eggs Benedict

In general, the dish was quite average. Although I have to highlight that the combination of ingredients was well thought out – the saltiness of the ham was balanced out with the avocado, together with some spice from the pickled onions. The eggs benedict was executed perfectly, and there was just the right amount of runny egg goodness in every mouth. The potatoes are the same as the ones in the PB Big Breakfast – cooked to perfection.

Other Breakfast Dishes Available

Teatra – exclusive to Raffles City Outlet

Premium Teatra Gift Box

Another must-try is the outlet’s exclusive launch of Teatra! A combination of the words ‘tea’ and ‘travel’, Teatra is a premium blended tea aimed at those searching for a calming escape from their on-the-go lifestyle. To create this experience, all Teatra teas are uniquely blended and made by mixing different types of premium ingredients, creating new and unique flavours.

Of the six flavours they offer, I find the Earl Grey the most outstanding. As a person who does not really enjoy Earl Grey, I was pleasantly surprised by its light and refreshing taste. It is definitely a good choice of tea to complement the hearty breakfast!

There were two other flavours that I found pretty intriguing. The first is the Chocolaty Celyon because it smelt just like chocolate. However, the chocolate taste did not really come through in the tea itself, perhaps just a hint of it. The second is the Winter Fruit Bunch as it has the aroma of a fruit cake and the tea itself had a tinge of sweetness. If you’re looking for a food adventure, these flavours are definitely a must-try!

Teatra Unique Flavours Available

Tea-Infused Desserts and Handcrafted Beverages

For dessert lovers, you can also try the new premium Teatra Earl Grey Pudding and Teatra Earl Grey Double Choco Cake. I think the Teatra Earl Grey Pudding was pretty creamy, however, towards the end there was a tinge of bitterness from the tea. The Earl Grey Double Choco Cake was pretty normal, and while the flavour is unique, I felt that the Earl Grey taste was masked by the chocolate.

Earl Grey Double Choco Cake
Teatra Earl Grey Double Choco Cake

If you do visit the Paris Baguette outlet at Raffles City, be sure to try their exclusive handcrafted beverages. While I have not tried any of them, they sure look pretty interesting!

Exclusive Teatra Handcrafted Beverages

Overall Experience

It was an interesting experience and concept even though the meal can be a little pricey. Their café concept also stands out from other outlets; however, I think it would’ve been better if it was fully enclosed and so that the ambient noise of people walking toward the MRT escalator is blocked off and thus, allowing diners to have proper conversations or to simply chillax. The colour scheme of violet and blue with woody furniture of the outlet successfully mimicked the café style they were going for.

Paris Baguette Raffles City

Opening Discount

If you’re intending to visit their Raffles City outlet, take note of their opening special!

Opening Promotion Detail (from opening till 31st July 2022):

  • All brunch & cake 20% off with Teatra drink purchased (applicable for slice cakes, roll cakes and pound cakes. Not applicable for a whole cake)
  • 15% off all Teatra retail items (not including non-food items such as tumblers, mugs, cups)
  • Free silky roll cake (worth $15.50) with min. spends $50 and above (while stocks last)

Paris Baguette Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road, #01-46/46A/47/48, Singapore 179103
Phone: +65 62500430
Mon – Sun 8am – 10pm

Images: Paris Baguette and Goh Rui Ting

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