Tech-enabled coffee chain Flash Coffee is collaborating with Kinohimitsu Singapore to present two new specialty drink items with a collagen boost, courtesy of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond.

Available from 16th May, the Collagen Peach Latte (from S$3.80) is delightfully fruity and tangy with a smooth, silky finish thanks to the add-on of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond. The new drink is a refreshing twist on the latte that would surprise most coffee lovers. The Collagen Apple Tea (from S$3.80) combines a subtle, aromatic tea with a shot of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond, recharging urbanites on-the-go with every sip.

Packed with 5300mg of marine collagen peptide per bottle, Kinohimitsu’s best-selling Collagen Diamond helps restore the skin’s youthfulness, resilience and radiance. Marine collagen peptide boasts a shorter molecular structure that gets absorbed easily by the skin and actively repairs damaged collagen fibres, thus reducing signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

On top of the two new menu additions, customers can choose to add a shot of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Activ to selected lattes at an additional $1, giving their favourite specialty drinks a beauty boost.

Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Activ is a sugar-free beauty supplement formulated to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, boosting skin and hair nourishment.

The new menu additions and collagen add-ons will be available at 29 Flash Coffee outlets from 16th May, for a limited period while stocks last.

Image: Flash Coffee

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