Modern European fine dining restaurant Caviar keeps it light and clean with new 4- and 7-course Spring Menu featuring seasonal flavours in tandem with high-end beverages and the world’s best varieties of caviar.

The 4-course Spring Lunch Menu is a delight of seasonal flavours from around the world, beginning with an amuse-bouche and opening with Swordfish served with Abalone, Kohlrabi and Ginger Vinegar – a complex dish with many luxurious elements including Arctic char roe. The Swordfish belly is cured with shio kombu, then grilled lightly over the binchotan. Live Japanese abalone braised in fish stock and spices is salted with kohlrabi sheets then served with in-house distilled ginger vinegar and garnished with kelp oil.

New Zealand organic steamed Egg Custard celebrates thinly sliced Cod Fish Bacon cured and smoked in house, Sunchoke Chips and Oscietra Caviar, followed by Agnolotti pasta stuffed with Welsh Lamb and Caviar. Lunch finishes with an Apricot served with Almonds, Sauternes and Mascarpone and Petit Four.

The 7-Course Spring Dinner Menu is a deluxe affair that opens with snacks of Corn Manchego Croquette, Pickled Mussels, Apple, Fish Crackling and Caviar. The Swordfish and Egg Custard feature followed by Spanish Octopus sandwiched between Iberico Pork and served with Cherry Tomatoes and Capers. The Spanish Iberico pork belly is layered together with octopus legs, cooked sous vide for 12 hours then grilled over the binchotan and served with pork jus infused with brown butter, shallot and capers.

Spanish Octopus Iberico Pork

Monkfish Consommé lightens the mood further with every part of the Japanese fish used in a zero-waste dish and served with Endives, Liver and Caviar. The tail meat is cured in kombu sheets for 12 hours, then slow-cooked at the binchotan. The consommé is made from the fishbone and flavoured with house-made fish garum, a fermented sauce created from the trimmings and head of the fish. Served alongside is Kaluga Queen Cross Breed Caviar, while the liver of the fish is made into a pate seasoned with shio kombu and served with Giaveri White Sturgeon caviar.

The Welsh Dorper Lamb with Goat’s Curd, Truffle Jus and Artichoke is slow-cooked for 3 hours and served with grilled pickled pearl onion and truffle jus made from the trimmings of the lamb and mixed with black truffle, garnished with green oxalis herb for a refreshing contrast. On the side is pulled lamb seasoned with its own cooking liquid, reduced. Served on top of Jerusalem Artichoke chips and chopped chives.

Burnt Honey Ice cream (header image) is made with honey and egg yolk served with caramelised pear and crispy puff pastry. With the addition of Labneh, middle eastern strained yoghurt, and topped with freshly grated black Spanish truffle.

Said Caviar owner Jason Ong: “We’re excited to be able to offer our Spring Seasonal Menus in conjunction with the world’s most exciting varieties of caviar, each of which I have personally hand-picked for their unique flavour, texture and exotic appeal.

“Our caviar varieties come from the finest purveyors around the world and are selected not only for their great taste and texture but also for the sustainable farming techniques used in producing what remains one of life’s great luxuries.

“We remain committed to Caviar-curated dishes that not only reflect the beauty of this ultimate luxury but which bring with them entirely new complexities to showcase our modern European cuisine for a Spring lunch and dinner menu that is truly outstanding.”

In addition to the new Spring Menu, Caviar celebrates International Women’s Day throughout the month of March with a complimentary glass of Johnnie Walker Blue and a serving of Kaluga Queen Caviar presented to all women having the dinner menu.

Drinks offerings include the Dom Pérignon Caviar Taster starring a glass of vintage Champagne served together with 5 grams of Kaluga Queen Crossbreed Caviar – consistently voted the world’s best roe in blind tastings. The Caviar is served on a mother of pearl spoon suspended in a block of marble.

The Dom Pérignon Beluga Experience includes a bottle of Dom Pérignon together with two tins of Beluga, one from China and one from Iran, and is served for between two and four people.

390 Orchard Road
B1-07 Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel. no.: +65 988 1217

Opening hours:
Lunch & Dinner – Wednesdays to Saturdays

Lunch – 12pm to 1.30pm (last seating)
Dinner – 6pm to 8.30pm (last seating)

Sunday Brunch – 11.30am to 4.15pm (last seating)

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Images: Caviar

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