Introducing a new chapter to everyone’s beloved bar, Jigger & Pony Group relaunches Sugarhall as a rum-focused cocktail pub on 3 March, 2022. Nestled on the second level of a 1920s heritage building near Raffles Place, Sugarhall returns with a new approachable attitude while retaining the feel-good energy and same old passion for rum. Expect the homely vibes of a neighbourhood pub, where Bar Operations Manager Davide Boncimino and Principal Bartender Sam Loh present a rediscovery of classics across the cocktail spectrum defined by feature rums and spirits. Throw in Executive Chef David Tang’s menu of satiating pub fare done right and the group’s convivial and fun-loving hospitality, and tipplers are in for a grand time.

A different escape

Dreamt up by co-founder Indra Kantono and brought to reality by long-time collaborator Hui Designs – Interior Designer Lim Siew Hui also previously worked on Jigger & Pony, Caffe Fernet and Rosemead – Sugarhall evokes a sense of community by marrying elements of the old with the new.

Stepping into a nondescript alley will reveal the original Amoy Street (2014-2018) signboard, making for a familiar welcome that’ll draw you attention towards an otherwise overlooked flight of stairs. Following the trail will lead guests into an open hall reminiscent of bustling English-style neighbourhood pubs. Inside, dark wood furnishings are illuminated by warm fairy lights while existing pillars are left exposed for a distressed look that pays tribute to the building’s heritage. Sugarhall fans will also notice a prized bottle of Sugarhall x Berry Bros and Rudd Caroni 1997 acquired during its 1st anniversary circa 2015 that’s proudly framed up at a dedicated corner.

Together with a backdrop of upbeat music – ranging from funk to reggae and ska – all elements converge for a cosy spot conducive for rousing post-work drinks or get-togethers.

Born to Rum

It’s hard to top the love Davide and Sam have for rum, but you’ll come close with the menu at Sugarhall. Rediscover classics, defined by feature rums and spirits, that build on innate characteristics, shaken or stirred with homemade ingredients.

Embodying Sugarhall is returning crowd favourite Dark & Stormy (S$24.00), with a localised refresh. Based on Hampden 8 year aged overproof Jamaican rum that poses an intense estery fruitiness, the highball-style classic is finished with fresh lime and Sugarhall’s brand new “I Shot the Ginger” ginger beer. Brewed at The 1925 Brewing Co., the ginger beer ferments young, old and galangal ginger with lager yeast and a secret blend of spices. Knowing its fans, Sugarhall will also serve the crushable drink in a Mega Stormy (S$50) size.

Espousing their dedication to the sugarcane spirit is the Daiquiri (S$22.00) with two types of rums; Bacardi Superior 1909 rum asserts fresh notes of citrus and vanilla while Veritas blended rum lends its aromatic palate, resulting in a tasty sipper. Other highlights include the PornStar Martini (S$24.00) – pandan adds depth of flavour to the vodka and passionfruit classic – and the H&M Sour (S$24.00), a gin sour accentuated with green tea and hazelnut.

An iconic Sugarhall experience is no doubt the punchbowl, served with all the bells and whistles. For instance, the One Punch Rum (S$250.00) is presented with a whole bottle of Appleton 8 Years, patrons can pour as they want into a mix of Mount Gay Ecplise, Gosling’s 151 proof rum, passionfruit, cinnamon, and soda.

Those joining in on Sugarhall’s love for all things rum can look forward to the Rum of the Month. Introducing premium or exclusive rums as a flight and a cocktail, patrons can explore the ever-growing selection with the guiding hands of Sugarhall’s bartenders.

Sugarhall also celebrates the joys of a well-deserved drink with their Happy Hour. Running 4pm-6pm daily, the offerings rotate monthly with cocktails going at S$14 each, as well as the Sugarhall Sorachi Ace Lager and wines by the glass available at S$12.

Pub fare, done excellent

Pair boozy nights at Sugarhall with a concise but mighty selection of pub fare executed with fine-dining flair. Largely influenced by Tang’s own experiences of his best nights out, Los Angeles-style, he follows the simple philosophy of great food, done right. With the image of convivial pubs, bustling with its niche communities that felt like home away from home, the menu revolves around easy-to-enjoy flavours that spark conversations and forge connections.

Take for example the Orange Fried Chicken, inspired by the dish made popular by Chinese restaurants in America. Juicy rice flour battered fried chicken is glazed with a sweet and sour orange reduction and served with sesame mayonnaise for a finger lickin’ good time. Or dig into the hearty Snapper, Fennel, and Laver Pie. Aromatic with fresh herbs, local mangrove snapper is cooked with leeks and fennel before going into the oven with a flavourful onion bechamel gravy – to be mopped up with its cap of buttery, pastry crust.

Last but not least is Tang’s take on the quintessential Cheese Burger. Between two halves of a brioche bun, Tang stacks a dry-aged beef patty with beer and treacle cured smoked bacon, mature cheddar cheese, and hot pepper relish. Accompanied by fries seasoned with old bay salt, it’s perfect for sharing or solo indulgence.

Images: Sugarhall

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